Best of July 2023: Highlights From Comedy Podcasts - Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast, Harland Highway, Kill Tony and many more

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We've compiled the funniest clips from the top comedy podcast episodes that aired in July

Date Posted:August 3, 2023

Author:Tommy Laugherton

Comedy podcasts continue to be a go-to source of unadulterated entertainment, blending the wit of stand-up comics with lively discussions and humor-infused glimpses into the world of live comedy and beyond. This month's best collection of episodes from various comedy podcasts offers only a brief review of the unique humor and playful banter we've seen this past month and the uncanny ability of these comedians to turn everyday occurrences into comedic gold. We'll take you through an intriguing journey from the hilarious joke-copping on "The Adam Friedland Show" to the humorous quips of an "army brat" on "Harland Highway." From Jadakiss's weighing in on mistaken identity to Bryan Callen's insights into growing up in a military family, these episodes provide snapshots of the multifaceted world of comedy.

Kill Tony hosted by Tony Hinchcliffe with guest Rich Vos:

In this iteration of "Kill Tony" hosted by stand-up comic Tony Hinchcliffe, a recent episode featured guest Rich Vos. Deep into the episode, Tony noticed that there hadn't been a female comedian, so he sifted through the bucket of potential performers and introduced Ellie In Space to balance the scales of equality for her crack at live stand-up comedy. The audience greeted Ellie with music and applause as she arrived on stage. Seemingly, her low-cut top caught the eye of Rich Vos, who commented on her "great set" despite her not even having started her set yet. Tony jokingly reprimanded Rich for the comment, emphasizing the light-hearted atmosphere typical of his stand-up comedy talent show. The segment seemed to emphasize both the ongoing need for gender balance in live comedy and the often unfiltered nature of stand-up comic interactions.

Are You Garbage hosted by Kevin Ryan and H. Foley with guest Mark Normand:

In this clip from "Are You Garbage," hosted by stand-up comics H. Foley and Kevin Ryan welcomed guest comedian Mark Normand who talked about nostalgia surrounding classic arcade games and childhood fantasies of luxury. The conversation centered around an old arcade machine in the background, which Kevin proudly revealed he owned. He mentioned that it would cost five grand to fix, leading to a spirited discussion about the dreams of their youth. The conversation then transitioned to the Tom Hanks movie "Big," where the hosts and Mark reminisced about the film's depiction of a luxurious lifestyle through the eyes of a kid, including indoor trampolines, bunk beds, skateboarding on hardwood floors, and a Coke machine, which Mark chimed in to say that it was his nickname in classic Mark Normand fashion.

Take Your Shoes Off hosted by Rick Glassman with guest Paul Walter Hauser:

In an episode of the comedy podcast "Take Your Shoes Off" hosted by comedian Rick Glassman, guest and stand-up comic, Paul Walter Hauser, joined the show to discuss their experiences in live comedy. Paul shared some highlights from his stand-up comedy career, including a joke he used to tell about wishing he were Mexican and a realtor, just so he could start a realty business called "What Up, Homes" which hilariously Rick repeated the joke quietly into a voice recorder under the guise of checking sound levels for the podcast. Fast forward to a skit supposedly depicting later that night of Rick on stage, using Paul's joke to a laughing and chanting crowd. The podcast episode offered a playful insight into the world of Rick's unique flavor of stand-up comedy. The light-hearted joke "borrowing" added a layer of comedy within comedy, encapsulating the unpredictable and spontaneous nature of live comedy shows.

Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast hosted by Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis:

In an episode of "Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast," hosted by comedians Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis, the duo engages in a humorous and rather unconventional conversation about bathroom euphemisms and a particularly memorable experience involving a family member's giant turd. Starting with a light-hearted discussion about polite ways to excuse oneself to the bathroom in a restaurant setting, they quickly devolve into a more explicit and comedic ways of doing so, such as needing "higher ground" and "gravity" when dealing with a giant turd, and even discuss clogging toilets. The conversation takes an even more bizarre turn when Matt shares a childhood memory of his cousin showing him his mother's extraordinary log. They humorously describe it in vivid detail, comparing its color to the couch they're sitting on and even joking about preserving it like a historical artifact. This segment of the podcast is emblematic of stand-up comedy's willingness to explore unconventional and sometimes crude subjects in a humorous light.

Yannis Pappas Hour hosted by Yannis Pappas with guest Sergio Chicon:

In an episode of "Yannis Pappas Hour" hosted by comedian Yannis Pappas, guest stand-up comic Sergio Chicon joined the show to discuss his unexpected habit of journaling. The conversation became a humorous exploration of the contrast between Sergio's past image and his current introspective hobby. Yannis poked fun at the idea of a young Sergio, picturing him with a tough appearance, complete with hair and Timberland boots, and then juxtaposing that thug image with someone vulnerable enough to take up journaling. Sergio agreed and played along, acknowledging that he journals a lot. The highlight of the conversation came when Yannis jokingly pointed out that Sergio might be the only person who could simultaneously have a physical confrontation with a drug dealer and then later reflect on it in his journal. The imagery, both funny and incongruous, led to laughter, underscoring the unexpected connections and insights that can be found in the world of stand-up comedy. The segment aptly demonstrated how stand-up comics can take ordinary subjects, like journaling, and turn them into engaging and entertaining material.

Hey Babe hosted by Chris Distefano with guest Sal Vulcano:

On an episode of the comedy podcast "Hey Babe," hosted by stand-up comic Chris Distefano, guest comedian Sal Vulcano engaged in a humorous conversation about a recent gift-giving experience Chris had with his partner, Jasmine. Chris detailed how he decided to surprise Jasmine with a silver dog tag necklace that had their children's initials and birthstones. He chose silver as it was Jasmine's preference and wanted to mirror a similar gold one he had for himself. The gift-giving event was planned as a 'just because' surprise, with no particular occasion in mind. The conversation led to a comical recounting of the delivery of the surprise. Chris decided to wake Jasmine up after coming home late one night by using a electric toothbrush in the bedroom, leading to confusion and laughter. When he finally presented the dog tags, Jasmine's initial reaction likened them to a license plate. The personalized nature of the gift and the unusual method of waking Jasmine created an amusing anecdote that both the host and guest enjoyed, showcasing the casual and often relatable humor found in live comedy.

Your Mom's House hosted by Tom Segura and Christina P. with guest Tony Hinchcliffe:

In a recent episode of the comedy podcast "Your Mom’s House," hosted by comedians Tom Segura and Christina P, guest and fellow stand-up comic Tony Hinchcliffe engaged in a candid conversation about his life and approach to live comedy, but without kids. Tony shared a daily routine he might have after going out and drinking too much, maybe being filled with golf and hot yoga, and the joy he derives from living a child-free life in a downtown high-rise. His commitment to stand-up comedy, particularly at the Comedy Mothership club in Austin, Texas, is evident, as he describes his approach as unfiltered and unbound by the desire to be a mainstream star, yet freeing enough by not having children. The club's policy of locking up phones allows Tony to truly express himself freely in his live comedy performances. This freedom led to a show that Tony recounted where he made a joke involving a gun in his mouth. While the joke was well-received by most of the crowd, one woman objected due to her personal connection to the subject matter. Tony's sharp response to her objection, though darkly humorous, encapsulated his no-holds-barred approach to comedy. The exchange on the podcast highlights the raw and uncensored nature of stand-up comedy that draws many fans to comedy tickets for live shows. The ability to push boundaries and explore uncomfortable territory is often what sets stand-up comics apart and allows them to connect with their audience on a deeper level.

TigerBelly hosted by Bobby Lee with guest Sebastian Maniscalo:

In this clip from the comedy podcast "Tigerbelly," hosted by comedians Bobby Lee and Khalyla, stand-up comic Sebastian Maniscalco joined as a guest for a lighthearted and engaging conversation. The discussion turned to Bobby's social interactions and how medication has helped him manage ADHD symptoms. Khalyla shared how Bobby's medication has improved his social interaction and ability to respond to text messages, which Sebastian also noticed. Sebastian jokingly questioned the dosage as he teased that he didn't notice much of a difference in Bobby. Bobby humorously explained that without the medication, he would be distracted, thinking about things like video games like "Elden Ring" instead of listening to the conversation. He went on to describe his struggle with a particular boss in the game. Sebastian's participation in the podcast, probing Bobby's thoughts and adding his humorous insights, exemplifies the lively exchange and relatable anecdotes that fans of live comedy appreciate. This episode serves as an illustration of the spontaneous and unscripted interactions that make stand-up comedy and live comedy podcasts a sought-after entertainment option, often leading to the purchase of comedy tickets for live shows.

We Might Be Drunk hosted by Mark Normand and Sam Morril with guest Bobby Lee:

"We Might Be Drunk," hosted by stand-up comics Mark Normand and Sam Morril, brings comedian Bobby Lee on as a guest for an amusing and lighthearted discussion. The conversation revolved around Bobby's experiences visiting New York City and led to some playful banter and laughter among the comedians. Bobby began by sharing a story about accidentally buying peculiar socks with individual toe pockets from a Japanese store in New York, calling himself a "casual ninja." Mark jokingly responded with "Ninja please," while the group laughed at the absurdity of the $50 socks. The conversation then took a slightly more serious but still humorous turn as Bobby mentioned his viral comedy bit about being molested by someone with Down Syndrome. He explained how people in New York react differently to this piece of his older stand-up comedy, sometimes pointing at him on the street. Mark and Sam played along, making jokes about the blending of Asian features and Down Syndrome, which they jokingly referred to as "Asian fusion." The episode is characteristic of live comedy podcasts, filled with witty exchanges and humorous observations that engage fans of stand-up comedy.

Flagrant hosted by Andrew Schulz:

On the comedy podcast "Flagrant," hosted by stand-up comic Andrew Schulz, a lively and irreverent conversation takes place among the host and his friends. The conversation revolves around a provocative and controversial topic, displaying the show's penchant for pushing boundaries. The discussion begins with Andrew bringing up an incident involving an adult film star named Lena, and the conversation quickly delves into speculation about the financial aspects of her recent adult PPV. The host and his friends make light of the subject, mixing shock with humor as they discuss discounts and compare the situation to a Black Friday sale, evoking laughter among themselves. One friend comments on the timing, linking it to when the best movies come out, saying, "it's Black Friday. Day after Thanksgiving." The conversation is filled with innuendos and off-color jokes, reflecting the show's flagrant approach to comedy. "Flagrant" is known for its no-holds-barred style of live comedy, often engaging in topics that might be considered taboo or offensive in other contexts. Fans of this style of stand-up comedy may appreciate the raw and unfiltered nature of the conversation.

Stavvy's World hosted by Stavros Halkias with guest Mark Normand:

In the episode of "Stavvy's World" hosted by comedian Stavros Halkias, fellow stand-up comic Mark Normand is a guest, and the two engage in a lively and candid conversation about personal experiences, particularly around the topic of chafing as an overweight person and yeast infections. The conversation begins with Stavros questioning Mark's experience with chafed thighs, leading Mark to recall his days as a fat kid skateboarding in the Louisiana heat. Mark's humorous and vivid description sets the tone for a discussion filled with jokes, laughter, and unexpected, Mark Normand-style twists. Mark continues by recounting an experience with a soccer player during his college days, leading to a candid discussion about yeast infections, or "jock itch." The two comedians engage in playful banter, with Mark describing his ill-advised attempt to treat the condition by dipping his balls in yogurt. Stavros jokes about Mark consulting a "Bayou doctor" and the comical suggestion to use GoGurt or Yoplait. The conversation continues with Mark explaining how he eventually found a solution using Tinactin, typically used for athlete's foot. Stavros cleverly ties the conversation together with a quip about Mark's encounter with the "hippie soccer player." The exchange showcases the raw and uninhibited style of live comedy that characterizes "Stavvy's World."

Taste Buds hosted by Sal Vulcano and Joe DeRosa with guest Rick Glassman:

This episode of the "Taste Buds" podcast, hosted by comedians Sal Vulcano and Joe DeRosa, guest stand-up comic Rick Glassman engages in a lively and humorous conversation around the themes of adulthood and childhood. The podcast features the unique dynamic between the hosts and their guest, incorporating live comedy elements that entertain the audience. The discussion kicks off with Rick expressing his reluctance to attend long-distance destination weddings. Just as the topic seems to be heading into a debate about adult responsibilities, Joe interjects, suggesting they transition into a segment they call "the battle." This segment includes a chant, "b-a-t-t-l-e boys," which Rick humorously joins in on, impressing the hosts as the first guest to know and participate in the chant. Rick's playful metaphor comparing preparing for law school with watching the TV show "Suits" elicits laughter and sets up Joe's witty response about buying a suit and going to law school. The exchange exemplifies the spontaneous and engaging nature of stand-up comedy that the podcast aims to capture.

Whiskey Ginger hosted by Andrew Santino with guest Kyle Dunnigan:

In an episode of the "Whiskey Ginger" podcast hosted by comedian Andrew Santino, stand-up comic Kyle Dunnigan recounts his awkward experiences and interactions with Bill Maher. The conversation between the two comedians is full of humor, laughter, and live comedy. Kyle opens up about how he once made a seemingly innocent and non-offensive impression of Maher, portraying him reading children's books. Maher's reaction to the impression was rather harsh, expressing his discontent on Joe Rogan's show. This response motivated Kyle to make an even more daring and risque impression, leading to a controversial sketch that he later admits might have gone too far. The conversation takes an unexpected turn when Kyle shares a personal anecdote of having traveled to Hawaii on a plane chartered by Maher. Despite this connection, Kyle describes Maher's behavior towards him as mean and dismissive. In contrast, Kyle praises Alan Thicke, who was also on the jet, for his kindness. Andrew Santino leads the conversation skillfully, probing into Kyle's relationship with Maher and making humorous observations. The combination of live comedy and storytelling makes this podcast episode engaging for fans of stand-up comedy. It's a glimpse into the camaraderie and rivalry that sometimes exists among comedians, showcasing their ability to turn even serious topics into comedy gold.

Harland Highway hosted by Harland Williams with guest Bryan Callen and Dom the Hypnotist:

In an episode of "Harland Highway" hosted by comedian Harland Williams, guests Bryan Callen and Dom the Hypnotist engage in a lively discussion filled with humor and unexpected twists. The conversation begins with Bryan's experiences as an army kid, leading to a revelation about a childhood memory of being stuck in the war in Lebanon. Dom, acting as a catalyst, prompts Bryan to recall this fascinating experience. Bryan explains how he used to hide from anti-aircraft guns, fearing arrest, to which Dom responds with a humorous realization, "hey dude you were in a war." However, the conversation takes a comic turn when Harland starts unbuttoning his shirt, leading to a hilarious back-and-forth between him and Bryan. Bryan accuses Harland of upstaging his story by opening his shirt as he's opening his heart. Harland, always quick with a joke, defends his action, citing the heat in the studio and then teasing Bryan by likening him to a "CIA Army brat." This podcast segment captures the essence of live comedy, where the unexpected becomes fodder for laughs. Whether reminiscing about war or arguing about shirt buttons, these comedians show how stand-up comics can turn any situation into comedy gold.

The Adam Friedland Show hosted by Adam Friedland with guest Jadakiss:

In a light-hearted episode of "The Adam Friedland Show," hosted by comedian Adam Friedland, the guest Jadakiss, a well-known rapper, joins in a playful conversation. The banter revolves around a friend's misunderstanding related to rapper Ice Spice, that emerged during the discussion. The conversation starts with Adam inquiring if Jadakiss has Ice Spice's phone number to clear up this misunderstanding. Adam's friend Nick, described humorously as an out-of-touch professional comedian who hasn't listened to a song since "Why," mistakenly referred to Ice Spice as the "Eskimo Spice Girl," playing on the name with "ice." This leads to a series of jokes and confusions involving the Spice Girls, the Bronx, and Ice Spice's identity. The conversation weaves in other whimsical details, including connections to Taylor Swift, the making of a song called "Because Of Us," and the comedic faux-pas of Nick, who as a stand-up comic, doesn't even really know of the Spice Girls. Through laughter and engaging dialogue, Adam and Jadakiss craft an entertaining bit that highlights their rapport and comic timing. The segment captures the spontaneity and joy of live comedy and illustrates how a simple misunderstanding can be transformed into an amusing tale in the hands of seasoned comedians.

July 2023 Comedy Podcast Stats

In July 2023, the comedy podcasting landscape was highlighted by a few exceptional stats. Comedian Mark Normand was the most travelled podcast guest, appearing on ten different podcasts - namely, 'This Past Weekend', 'Are You Garbage', and 'Taste Buds'. Also, the most popular episode of the month was 'Kill Tony's' 10 year anniversary show, garnering significant attention which accumulated over 1.8 million views, marking it as the most viewed comedy podcast episode for July followed by 'Flagrant's episode with JiDion and Hulk Hogan's appearance on This Past Weekend with Theo Von which collected over 1.6 million and 1.5 million views respectively.

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