Andrew Schulz


Who is Andrew Schulz?

Andrew Cameron Schulz, born on October 30, 1983, is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster. He gained recognition for his work on MTV2's "Guy Code" and its spinoffs, and is also known for hosting popular podcasts like "The Brilliant Idiots" and "Flagrant." His first Netflix special, "Schulz Saves America," premiered in 2020, showcasing his unique comedic style​​.

How Did Andrew Schulz Start in Comedy?

Schulz began his comedy career during his college years in California, later continuing in New York in the mid-2000s. He quickly became a regular at the Comedy Village and debuted at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival in 2008, marking the start of his professional journey in stand-up comedy​​.

Where Did Andrew Schulz Grow Up?

Andrew Schulz grew up in New York City, born to a Scottish mother, Sandra Cameron, a professional ballroom dancer, and an American father, Larry Schulz, of German and Irish descent. Raised in the East Village of Lower Manhattan, he attended New York City Public Schools, which played a significant role in shaping his early life and perspectives​​.

Is Andrew Schulz Currently on Tour or Where Does He Perform?

Information about Andrew Schulz's current tours or performances was not available as of the latest update. However, he is known to perform regularly and has a history of touring, with details typically available on his official website or social media channels.

Does Andrew Schulz Host Any Podcasts?

Andrew Schulz co-hosts two notable podcasts. "The Brilliant Idiots" with Charlamagne tha God and "Flagrant" with Akaash Singh, Mark Gagnon, and video editor AlexxMedia. These podcasts have gained a substantial following, with additional content often posted on platforms like Patreon​​.

Did Andrew Schulz Release Any Recent Comedy Specials?

Andrew Schulz has released several comedy specials in recent years. His notable works include "4:4:1" in 2017 and "5:5:1" in 2018, both on YouTube. In 2020, his Netflix special "Schulz Saves America" was released, followed by "Infamous" in 2022, showcasing his evolving comedic style and themes​​.

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