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Rumor's Comedy Club

About Rumor's Comedy Club

A true gem in the comedy industry, Rumor's first opened its doors in 1984, which marked the beginning of a legendary climb to becoming one of the top AAA clubs in North America, seating itself amongst the greats. Planted firmly in the centre of North America, Rumor's has brought many significant and world-renowned names to its Winnipeg home, treating touring headliners to frigid winters and scorching, humid summers. While many outsiders may not know where Winnipeg is, Rumor's is no stranger to the comedy industry.

Having played a large role in developing young talent and giving them a voice as their fledgling careers took off, the Rumor's name is synonymous with talent within the industry. Having the likes of Norm MacDonald, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Ray Romano grace the stage over the decades, one thing is for certain....Rumor's knows comedy. And with that, you can be sure that when you walk in the doors, you're about to witness top-tier live entertainment. 

With shows normally running from Tuesday to Saturday, there's no shortage of laughs to be had, which is perfect when paired with dinner and drinks from a fully serviced kitchen and bar....oh, and of course no night is complete without dessert.

So, whether you live in the middle of the continent or are just passing through, Rumor's will have you wanting to come back....again and again.

Notable (Recent) Alumni:

  • Tony Woods

  • Jon Dore

  • TJ Miller

  • Darrin Rose

  • Andrew Schulz

  • Donnell Rawlings

  • Erik Griffin

2025 Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg, MB