Ben Avery


Who is Ben Avery?

Ben Avery is a comedian and producer who gained recognition as the producer and frequent collaborator on the Tim Dillon Show. He began working with Tim Dillon in February 2017 and continued until October 2022. Avery has produced over 280 episodes of the Tim Dillon Show and made featured appearances on the podcast and in Dillon’s comedy specials.

How did Ben Avery start in comedy?

Ben Avery began preaching at a church in West Texas and eventually ventured into stand-up comedy. He moved to Los Angeles in 2015 to pursue a career in comedy.

Where did Ben Avery grow up?

Specific details about Ben Avery's early life and upbringing are not readily available. However, it is known that he started his life in the United States and faced challenges, particularly in managing educational expenses. He and his siblings developed a close relationship during their schooling years.

Does Ben Avery host any podcasts?

Yes, Ben Avery co-hosts a podcast titled "Lemon Party." Launched in 2023, the podcast features Ben Avery, Devan Costa, and Jace Avery. It has been acclaimed as the "best new comedy podcast" by The New York Times. "Lemon Party" showcases a range of guests, including notable figures such as Barack Obama, Travis Scott, and James Corden. The podcast has gained significant popularity, with "Lemon Party" episodes available on various platforms including Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Podbay, and Podcast Addict. Additionally, "Lemon Party" has been quite successful on Patreon, indicating a strong and engaged listener base​

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