Brian Posehn


Who is Brian Posehn?

Brian Posehn, born on July 6, 1966, is a versatile American stand-up comedian, actor, voice actor, musician, and writer. His career in entertainment spans numerous television appearances, including significant roles in HBO's "Mr. Show with Bob and David," The WB's "Mission Hill," Comedy Central's "The Sarah Silverman Program," and a recurring role on "The Big Bang Theory" as geologist Bert Kibbler. Posehn's talents also extend to voice acting in video games and hosting the Dungeons & Dragons podcast "Nerd Poker" since 2012​​.

How did Brian Posehn start in comedy?

Posehn's journey into comedy began in Sacramento, where, just shy of turning 21, he inquired about getting into stand-up at Laughs Unlimited. He prepared a five-minute set and debuted the week he turned 21 at an open mic at the old Metro Bar and Grill next to The Crest. Despite a rocky second performance, his love for stand-up was cemented​​.

Where did Brian Posehn grow up?

Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Posehn is of German and Irish descent. He attended American River College while living with his grandpa, initially planning to become a rock journalist or a DJ before venturing into stand-up comedy​​​​.

Is Brian Posehn currently on tour?

In 2023, Brian Posehn is actively performing, with his most recent tour date being at the Majestic Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin​​.

Does Brian Posehn host any podcasts?

Since 2012, Posehn has hosted the "Nerd Poker" podcast, where he and a group of comedians, including comic book writer Gerry Duggan and comedian Blaine Capatch, play Dungeons & Dragons​​.

Does Brian Posehn have any recent comedy specials?

Posehn's stand-up career is marked by appearances on "Comedy Central Presents" and the release of multiple comedy albums. His debut album "Live In: Nerd Rage" was released in 2006. He performed at the 2008 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and released his second album "Fart and Wiener Jokes" in 2010. His third comedy album and first DVD, "The Fartist," came out in 2013, followed by his fourth album "Posehn 25x2" in 2017​​.

Brian Posehn's multifaceted career in comedy, acting, podcast hosting, and more highlights his exceptional versatility and influence in the world of entertainment.

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