Brian Regan


Who is Brian Regan?

Brian Joseph Regan, born on June 2, 1958, is an American stand-up comedian celebrated for his observational, sarcastic, and self-deprecating humor. His act is noted for its cleanliness, avoiding profanity and taboo subjects, and he frequently touches on everyday events and childhood experiences​​.

How did Brian Regan start in comedy?

Regan began his comedy career in the 1980s, making his television debut on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" in 1991. He gained acclaim over the years, releasing his first stand-up album in 1997 and making appearances on various talk shows. His success led him to sell out nationwide tours and continually release comedy albums​​.

Where did Brian Regan grow up?

Born in Miami, Florida, to a Catholic Irish-American family, Regan was raised in Westchester, Florida. He attended Christopher Columbus High School and Heidelberg College in Ohio, where he initially planned to be an accountant. However, he was encouraged to pursue theater and communications, eventually dropping out to focus on stand-up comedy​​.

Is Brian Regan currently on tour?

As of 2023, Brian Regan is actively touring. His schedule includes performances across various locations, demonstrating his continued popularity and demand as a live performer.

Does Brian Regan have any recent Comedy Specials?

Regan has several recent comedy specials. In 2017, he released "Nunchucks and Flamethrowers" and in 2018, "Standup and Away! with Brian Regan" on Netflix. His latest stand-up special, "On the Rocks," was released on Netflix on February 23, 2021​​​​.

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