Matteo Lane


Who is Matteo Lane?

Matteo Lane is a multifaceted American artist, known for his work as a comedian, actor, singer, and illustrator. Born on June 28, 1986, in Arlington Heights, Illinois, Lane has Mexican, Italian, and Irish heritage. He is openly gay and has been a significant voice in the LGBT community, recognized for his contribution to stand-up comedy​​​​.

How did Matteo Lane start in comedy?

Matteo began his comedy career in 2011 at open mics in Chicago. Before comedy, he had a diverse career, including opera singing, which he started at the age of five, and working as an oil painter and illustrator. His transition into comedy was marked by his participation in the "New Faces" at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal in 2014, after which his career in stand-up comedy took off​​​​.

Where did Matteo Lane grow up?

Lane grew up in Arlington Heights, Illinois, where he was born. He attended the School of Art Institute of Chicago, where he studied oil painting and drawing. Matteo also spent time in Italy, where he pursued his passion for opera singing and oil painting before moving to New York in 2012​​​​.

Is Matteo Lane currently on tour or where does he perform?

Matteo Lane is a New York-based comedian who frequently performs in popular venues such as the Comedy Cellar, The Stand, and New York Comedy Club. He also performs at various comedy festivals and clubs across the United States and internationally, including the Just For Laughs festival and various Improv comedy clubs​​​​.

Does Matteo Lane host any podcasts?

Matteo co-hosted the queer-themed podcast "Inside the Closet" with Emma Willmann, which ended in February 2023. He has also been a guest on other podcasts like "Nancy" alongside Nico Tortorella​​​​.

Did Matteo Lane release any recent Comedy Specials?

Matteo Lane has several comedy specials to his credit. Notably, his stand-up special is featured on Netflix’s "The Comedy Lineup." He has also appeared in comedy specials like "Matteo Lane: The Advice Special," "Matteo Lane: Hair Plugs & Heartache," and "Matteo Lane: The Advice Special Part Two." These specials showcase his unique style and vocal range​​​​​​.

Matteo Lane continues to be a vibrant and influential figure in the comedy world, known for his unique blend of humor, operatic singing, and his advocacy for the LGBT community. His journey from opera to comedy highlights his diverse talents and resilience, making him a notable figure in the entertainment industry.