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Who is Sam Morril?

Sam Morril is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer, known for his sharp wit and clever joke writing. Born on August 29, 1986, Morril grew up in New York City, the son of Ashkenazi Jewish parents. His mother, Marilyn Greenberg, is a painter, and his stepfather, Mark Charles Morril, is an attorney in the publishing industry. Sam inherited his surname from his stepfather​​​​.

How did Sam Morril start in comedy?

Sam Morril's comedy career started to gain traction in 2011 when he won The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta. He was also named one of Comedy Central's "Comics to Watch" in the same year. Morril worked as an intern on "The Colbert Report" and made appearances on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" and "Conan." He performed on "America's Got Talent" in 2016, showcasing his unique stand-up routine, although he did not win the competition​​​​.

Where did Sam Morril grow up?

Sam Morril was born in Chelsea, New York, and spent his childhood in New York City. His father was also an actor, and his mother, Marilyn Greenberg, a painter. Despite some challenges in his early life, including his mother remarrying when he was seven, Morril's upbringing in the vibrant environment of New York City significantly influenced his career path​​.

Is Sam Morril currently on tour or where does he perform?

Sam Morril is actively touring with his latest show, "The Class Act Tour." This tour showcases his latest material and is part of his ongoing efforts to reach audiences nationwide. When not on tour, Morril is a regular performer at the Comedy Cellar in New York City, a venue known for featuring top stand-up comedians. His presence in both touring circuits and renowned

Does Sam Morril host any podcasts?

Yes, Sam Morril co-hosts a weekly podcast titled "We Might Be Drunk" with comedian Mark Normand. The podcast features discussions on various topics, often with a humorous perspective, and has become popular among fans of stand-up comedy​​.

Did Sam Morril release any recent Comedy Specials?

Sam Morril has released several comedy specials in recent years. His first one-hour special, "Positive Influence," was released by Comedy Central in September 2018. This was followed by "I Got This," released on Comedy Central's YouTube channel in February 2020. Additionally, he released "Up On The Roof" in 2020 and "Same Time Tomorrow" on Netflix in 2022, further establishing his prominence in the comedy scene​

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