Sam Tallent


Who is Sam Tallent?

Sam Tallent, known as “the absurd voice of a surreal generation” by The Denver Post, is a multifaceted American comedian, novelist, and podcast host. He's gained widespread recognition for his intelligent and witty humor, performing extensively in North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Besides his stand-up comedy, Tallent is also acclaimed for his debut novel, "Running the Light", and his novella, "ATTABOY"​​​​​​.

How did Sam Tallent start in comedy?

Tallent's passion for comedy traces back to his childhood. He showcased his comedic talent during his college days, gaining support from friends and family. This early encouragement led him to pursue a career in comedy, performing in various stage shows and events. His journey in comedy is marked by his unique style, characterized by quick wit and improvisation​​.

Where did Sam Tallent grow up?

Sam Tallent grew up in Eastern Colorado. This background, coupled with his experiences and upbringing, has significantly influenced his comedic style and perspective​​.

Is Sam Tallent currently on tour or where does he perform?

Sam Tallent is indeed active on the tour circuit. He has performed more than 45 weekends per year in various locations including North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. His website lists numerous tour dates in cities across the United States and Canada, indicating his ongoing engagement with live audiences​​.

Does Sam Tallent host any podcasts?

Yes, Sam Tallent is the co-host of the "Chubby Behemoth Podcast" alongside fellow comedian Nathan Lund. His role as a podcast host complements his career as a stand-up comedian and novelist, offering him another platform to engage with his audience​​.

Did Sam Tallent release any recent Comedy Specials?

Sam Tallent's recent comedy special, "The Toad's Morale" is now streaming on YouTube. Also, his previous comedy special was a smash hit, "Waiting For Death to Claim Us," and is available on Amazon Prime. Additionally, his novel "Running the Light" has been highly praised in the comedy community and is set to be adapted into a major motion picture​​​​.

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