Tom Segura


Who is Tom Segura?

Tom Segura is a prominent American stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and podcaster. Known for his blunt and darkly humorous style, Segura has carved out a significant niche in the comedy world. His humor often revolves around personal experiences, offering a candid and often self-deprecating view of his life.

How did Tom Segura start in comedy?

Tom Segura began his journey in comedy in the early 2000s. He was drawn to stand-up from a young age and started performing shortly after graduating from college. Segura's breakthrough came after he started appearing in various comedy festivals and television shows, which helped him gain recognition and build a fan base.

Where did Tom Segura grow up?

Tom Segura was born on April 16, 1979, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He spent his early life there before moving to various places due to his family's military background. This diverse exposure to different cultures and environments likely played a role in shaping his comedic perspective.

Is Tom Segura currently on tour or where does he perform?

As of April 2023, Tom Segura was actively touring, often performing in theaters and comedy clubs across the United States and internationally. For the most current information on his tour dates and venues, it's best to check his official website or social media profiles.

Does Tom Segura host any podcasts?

Yes, Tom Segura is well-known for his work in podcasting. He co-hosts the popular podcast "Your Mom's House" with his wife, fellow comedian Christina Pazsitzky. The podcast is known for its humorous and often irreverent take on various topics, making it a hit among comedy podcast listeners. He also co-hosts "2 Bears 1 Cave" with fellow comedian and friend, Bert Kreischer.

Did Tom Segura release any recent Comedy Specials?

Tom Segura has released several comedy specials over the years. His most recent specials, as of my last update, include titles like "Disgraceful" (2018), "Ball Hog" (2020), and "I'm Coming Everywhere - World Tour" (2022). These specials have been well-received, showcasing his evolving comedic style and securing his place among the top stand-up comedians of his time.

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