Best of March 2023: Highlights From Comedy Podcasts - Flagrant, Chrissy Chaos, Tuesdays With Stories and many more

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We've compiled the funniest clips from the top comedy podcast episodes that aired in March

Date Posted:April 3, 2023

Author:Mitch Snickerston

Join us as we round up the best moments from your favorite comedy podcasts. We've compiled clips from the biggest names in stand-up comedy that will surely have you laughing.

In a recent episode of the Tim Dillon Show, comedian Greg Fitzsimmons discussed an incident involving Tim Dillon's aunt which nearly led to a lawsuit. Dillon shared that his aunt was unhappy with a rant he made about her after she bad-mouthed him. Although she considered suing, other family members convinced her not to proceed. Fitzsimmons mentioned that Dillon escalated the situation by calling his aunt a pedophile, which Dillon confirmed.

Theo Von's Take On Telling Someone They Have Something In Their Teeth

Theo Von, host of comedy podcast "This Past Weekend" and guest George Kittle discussed the etiquette of informing someone about food stuck in their teeth. Theo talks about how some women can be crushed when you tell them and it can be a delicate situation, while George shared an experience from the Pro Bowl two years prior. He encountered a reporter who had a piece of spinach between her front teeth after interviewing multiple people on-air. George informed her about it, highlighting the fact that nobody, including the camera guy, had told her. He mentioned that he would feel embarrassed if no one informed him about such an issue, questioning the sincerity of friendships in such situations. Theo chimed in, noting that for women, being told about food in their teeth can be a deeply unsettling revelation.

In an episode of the "We Might Be Drunk" podcast, comedians Sam Morril, Kevin Ryan, and Mark Normand engaged in a lighthearted conversation about what they find attractive. Sam kicked off the discussion by stating that there's nothing hotter than a woman drinking a martini, to which Kevin agreed. However, leave it to Mark to completely derail the conversation with a hilariously vulgar comment.

Even Parents of Successful Stand-Up Comics Can Be Annoying

"Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast" co-host, Shane Gillis, recently shared his frustration with being woken up at 8 a.m. by his family. Additionally, he imitated his mom's voice, comparing her to a cat when she calls out his name from outside the door. Matt McCusker chimed in, suggesting that Shane was experiencing haunting flashbacks from his grade school days.

Bert Kreischer, host of the "Bertcast" comedy podcast, and guest Big Jay Oakerson discussed the misconceptions surrounding the "Legion of Skanks" podcast. Bert mentioned how some critics had gone so far as to label Jay, who is JEWISH, as a Nazi. Jay humorously pointed out the irony of the situation, stating that even if he wanted to join the Nazis, his Jewish background would most likely pose an immediate problem. Both comedians found it absurd that people continued to use such baseless and extreme labels, despite the clear contradictions in their claims.

On a recent episode of the "Whiskey Ginger" podcast, host Andrew Santino and guest Jimmy Carr shared a story about a notoriously difficult guest performer, who wouldn't be named. Santino narrated the story without revealing the performer's identity, describing how the guest demanded a catwalk be built for their performance. When the stagehand explained that there was no room for a catwalk, the performer threatened to leave town and cancel the gigs unless his demand was met. Eventually, the catwalk was built, but the performer didn't even end up using it during the show. Carr jokingly suggested Bobby Lee as the potential mystery performer. Was he correct?

Brotherly Love Amongst Comedians

In an episode of the "Bad Friends" podcast, hosts Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee engaged in a heartfelt exchange, confessing their bro-love for one another. Andrew expressed that he would miss Bobby, while Bobby disingenuously and sarcastically reciprocated.

Charlemagne joined Andrew Schulz In an episode of the "Flagrant" podcast, where shared a childhood story. Charlemagne recounted owning a red toy tractor with a small farmer figure riding on top. He claimed that the farmer would come to life in his imagination and talk to him when he was alone. Despite telling his mom about the bizarre encounters, she dismissed his stories. One day, while burning trash in the yard, Charlemagne decided to throw the tractor onto the fire, describing the farmer's supposed screams.

On an episode of the "Your Mom's House" podcast, hosts Christina P. and Tom Segura, along with guest Duncan Trussell, pondered the often unaddressed aspects of life on the International Space Station. Christina wondered about seemingly mundane tasks such as burping, barfing, defecating, and masturbating in space with zero gravity. This led to a lighthearted speculation about the potential consequences of floating particles of ejaculate, potentially interfering with equipment or operations. The conversation took a comedic turn as they jokingly pondered whether such incidents could have caused the Challenger disaster.

The star-studded panel of this particular episode of the "Kill Tony" podcast, saw host Tony Hinchcliffe and guests Bert Kreischer and Jim Norton explore Korean Facebook. Bert jokingly remarked that the platform was confusing, describing the difficulty of tagging oneself in photos when it is unclear whether the person in the picture is them or someone else.

One Church, Many Uses

Bert Kreischer and his wife, Leanne Kreischer were guests on an episode of the "Are You Garbage?" podcast, hosted by H. Foley and Kevin Ryan. The discussion began with a look into Leanne's rural Georgia upbringing, including her life on Dot Road where she was related to everyone. The road led to a community called Bugscuffle, which H. Foley joked was home to doctors. Leanne revealed that her family's land had a church dating back to 1840, where she and Bert got married. Both of her grandparents also attended school in that church. Jokingly, Bert thought the church could have been a one-stop-shop for everything in town, like a hospital and a swingers lounge.

In an episode of the "Tuesdays With Stories" podcast, co-host Joe List shared a story about fellow comedian and friend, Chris Distefano, who was once a physical therapist prior to becoming a comedian. Joe recalled playing basketball with Chris and a group of friends around 10 to 15 years ago. When someone in the group sprained their ankle, Chris stepped in as a physical therapist and offered up some advice on how to treat the injury. However, the next day, the injured person's ankle had gotten worse, swelled up and turned purple. After visiting the emergency room, they were told that Chris's advice was completely wrong.

Stand-Up Comedian vs. Physical Therapist: Medical Advise

Continuing his podcast tour, Bert Kreischer visists Chris DiStefano for an episode of the "Chrissy Chaos" comedy podcast where they discussed the band The 1975 and their relationship with Chris's comedy. Chris revealed that he received clarification from the band that they do indeed enjoy his comedy, especially after he mentioned them on Joe Rogan's podcast, "The Joe Rogan Experience." Bert, however, expressed skepticism, accusing The 1975 of changing their opinion to gain fame through Rogan's podcast. He argued that the band should have stayed true to their artist roots and maintained their dislike for Chris, like it was prior to the Rogan mention. In response, Chris joked that if the band had doubled down on their dislike for him, he would have been even more excited about it.

In an episode of the "Tigerbelly" podcast, guest Eddie Huang jokingly accused host Bobby Lee of sabotaging his guests' microphones to make them less funny than him. Eddie noticed that the microphone seemed to cut out every so often, making it difficult for guests to maintain their comedic timing and flow. He humorously compared it to speaking like rapper Ice Cube. Bobby Lee dismissed the accusation, telling Eddie to just speak normally.

March bore witness to the tireless marathon of guest appearances by the inimitable Bert Kreischer. Like a journey through the underbelly of the podcast world, he appeared on a staggering 12 shows with his unmistakable presence. Among them were "Flagrant," "The Joe Rogan Experience," "Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast," "Good For You," "Take Your Shoes Off," "The Yannis Pappas Hour," "Are You Garbage," "Chrissy Chaos," "Kill Tony," "Busting With the Boys," and "The Fighter and the Kid."Chael Sonnen's appearance on "Flagrant" has amassed a staggering 2.1 million views and counting.

And as the podcast battle rages on, Round Two of The Comedy Podcast March Madness Tournament has begun. To cast your vote for your favorite clips, click HERE.

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