Comedy Madness 2024 - Voting Closed - Stay Tuned for Results!

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Vote For the Funniest Moments From Your Favorite Comedy Podcasts in far!

Date Posted:March 28, 2024

Voting is now closed - stay tuned to the JokeWrld YouTube Channel for the results!

The comedy podcast bracket is a tournament-style competition that pits 32 of the funniest clips from various comedy podcasts against each other. Similar to the NCAA March Madness tournament, each round will feature a head-to-head matchup where comedy fans will vote for their favorite podcast clip to advance to the next round.

The first round will see sixteen matchups with each clip battling it out for a spot in the Sweet 16. The matchups will be randomized to create an element of surprise and unpredictability. Fans will be able to listen to each clip and then vote for their favorite during the voting window, with the winner advancing to the next round.

As the competition progresses, the stakes get higher with each passing round. The Sweet 16 will feature eight matchups, with the winners moving on to the Elite 8, and then the Final 4. From there, the final two clips will go head-to-head in a winner-takes-all final, where fans will decide which clip is the funniest of them all.

The purpose of this is simply just for fun, to bring comedy fans together and laugh at some of the funniest moments 2024 has offered so far in the comedy podcast world. Obviously, we couldn't have every podcast clip under the sun and some of your favorite clips or podcasts might not have made it to this bracket, but rest assured, we plan on doing this tournament often. So, check back often!