Louis CK's BIG Return

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Louis CK is returning to MSG for a live stand-up comedy blockbuster event

Date Posted:January 17, 2023

Louis CK is set to perform a live stand-up comedy show at New York City's Madison Square Garden on January 28th, 2023. The show, titled "Louis CK Back to the Garden," will be streamed live from his website as a pay-per-view event. The show will be available to re-watch for three weeks after the live performance, after which it will be taken down and no longer available. This show marks a return to Madison Square Garden for Louis CK, who has performed there numerous times in the past. The show is a one-night-only performance, and Louis CK has stated that he wants to stand in the center of the arena to truly appreciate the experience.

Although this show is not considered one of Louis CK's specials, his actual special has already been recorded and will be released on his website for $5 sometime in mid-February. Despite this, fans are encouraged to tune into the live performance at Madison Square Garden, as it may be some time before Louis CK returns to the stage again.

Only around 500 tickets are still available for the show, but those unable to attend in person can purchase the pay-per-view stream online. A link to purchase the stream will be provided in a future video, and there will also be an advertisement for the event in the coming weeks.

Louis CK's return to Madison Square Garden is a highly anticipated event for fans of live stand-up comedy. The live stream pay-per-view show offers a unique opportunity to experience the comedian's performance from the comfort of one's home. While streaming at home can't replace the experience of live comedy, it still offers a convenient glimpse into the live show. Check out our article for a better comparison of live comedy shows and streaming comedy specials. Either way, don't miss out on this chance to see Louis CK back at the Garden.

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