Nate Bargatze Releases New Stand-Up Comedy Special

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"Hello World" is His 5th Comedy Special

Date Posted:February 8, 2023

Comedian Nate Bargatze has recently come out with his fifth comedy special titled “Hello World” on Amazon Prime Video. This marks the first time that Nate Bargatze has released a comedy special that isn't on Netflix. The special features Nate’s family-friendly take on a variety of topics including the disadvantages of being the firstborn, the challenges of playing golf with your wife, and what happens when a bald eagle touches your head.

After watching “Hello World”, Joke Wrld's 183,000 comedy fans were asked for their thoughts on the new special. The most popular comment was, “Being older now and having been in marriage for longer than I can remember with kids, it was funny and relatable for me. I enjoyed the hell out of it.”

However, some Nate Bargatze fans still haven't had the chance to watch “Hello World” due to some streaming issues with Amazon Prime Video. This has left comedy fans in countries like Australia and Canada unable to watch the special. Nate Bargatze posted on Instagram apologizing to fans and reassuring them that the special would be available worldwide on February 17th.

Nate Bargatze’s comedy style is clean, meaning that there's no swearing or dirty premises throughout the entire show. The audience's reaction to this was split, with most people enjoying it and some others not. Some fans said that clean comedy isn't their favorite, but they thought that Nate’s work was good solid work. Others appreciated that Nate’s comedy was so original that it didn't feel clean and that he had the ability to make smart and original jokes while still convincing the audience that he's dumb. Another fan was very impressed with the cleanliness of the set and felt that a lot of love and care went into the writing process.

It's certainly understandable why some people don't usually watch clean comedy, but with Nate Bargatze, it's like you don't even notice. His delivery and observations are so funny that he's able to get the same amount of laughs as any other comedian without relying on extreme material.

Many fans were also curious about how Nate Bargatze came up with the title “Hello World” for his latest special. Comedians usually put a lot of effort into naming their specials, as it often sets the tone for the show and lets the audience know what they can expect. Nate Bargatze’s last two specials were titled “The Tennessee Kid” and “The Greatest Average American”, which matched the energy in those performances very well. For “Hello World”, Nate said in multiple interviews that the title is a nod to his favorite golfer, Tiger Woods, whom he actually got to meet in the weeks leading up to taping the special.

One of the hardest parts about releasing a stand-up comedy special is being left with no material afterwards and having to start from scratch. But, that doesn't seem to be too big of a problem for Nate Bargatze as he's already back on tour with a new hour of jokes and some ideas for more.

Whether you're a fan of clean comedy or just looking for something new and funny to watch, “Hello World” is definitely worth checking out. With its relatable and family-friendly material, and Nate’s original and brilliant delivery, this special is sure to be a fan favorite.