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"Are You Garbage?" is a weekly podcast hosted by comedians H. Foley and Kevin Ryan. Launched in 2020, the show quickly gained popularity for its unique take on pop culture, current events, and the hosts' humorous perspectives on life. Foley and Ryan met while performing stand-up comedy in the New York City area, and hit it off with their shared love of comedy, movies, and pop culture. They decided to start a podcast to share their opinions and comedic observations with the world.

Each week on "Are You Garbage?" the hosts delve into a variety of topics, from celebrity gossip to politics to random everyday life experiences. Their humor is irreverent, sometimes silly, and always entertaining. The show has a loyal fanbase that tunes in to hear the hosts' take on the latest news and cultural events, and to laugh at their humorous commentary. In addition to their weekly show, Foley and Ryan also regularly invite special guests to join them on the podcast. These guests range from fellow comedians to musicians, actors, and other public figures.

The conversations are lively, often going off-topic, and always filled with laughter. "Are You Garbage?" has been praised for its ability to bring a fresh and humorous take to current events and pop culture, and for its honest and relatable approach to life. The hosts' chemistry and quick wit make for a dynamic and entertaining listen each week.

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