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"Kill Tony" is a comedy podcast hosted by stand-up comedian Tony Hinchcliffe. The show is a live comedy competition, where aspiring comedians have one minute to perform their best material in front of a live audience and a panel of established comedians.

Each episode of the show features a rotating panel of judges, who offer feedback and critiques on the performances, as well as hilarious commentary on the comedians' material. The show is known for its raw and unfiltered humor, as well as its willingness to push the boundaries of good taste.

Despite the sometimes controversial and provocative nature of the show, the atmosphere is generally supportive and encouraging, with the judges and audience cheering on the comedians, even when their material falls flat.

In addition to the live performances, the show also features interviews with the comedians, as well as special guests from the world of comedy and entertainment.

Overall, "Kill Tony" is a must-listen for fans of stand-up comedy and live performance. The show's unique format and raw, unfiltered humor make for an engaging and entertaining listening experience, with laughs and surprises around every corner.

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