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"Taste Buds" is a comedy podcast hosted by two seasoned stand-up comedians, Joe DeRosa and Sal Vulcano. The show centers around their shared love of food and their discussions about different culinary experiences. Each episode of "Taste Buds" features the hosts trying out different foods and drinks, while offering their unique and often hilarious takes on the flavors and textures. They also invite a rotating cast of guests, including other comedians, chefs, and food industry experts, to join them in tasting and discussing various food and drink items. The show is characterized by the witty banter and comedic chemistry between Joe and Sal, who are not only good friends but also talented stand-up comedians. They use their comedic skills to riff off each other and engage in entertaining discussions that are both informative and humorous. In addition to their food-tasting sessions, the hosts also engage in debates about various food-related topics, such as whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza or what the best fast food chain is. These debates are often heated and passionate, but always delivered with a good dose of humor. Overall, "Taste Buds" is a fun and entertaining podcast for foodies and comedy fans alike. The show's blend of culinary exploration and comedic commentary make for a unique and enjoyable listening experience that's sure to leave you hungry for more.

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