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"HoneyDew" is a comedy podcast hosted by stand-up comedian Ryan Sickler. The show features Ryan interviewing fellow comedians and guests about the lowlights of their lives, with a focus on stories that might be embarrassing, awkward, or just plain cringeworthy. The name "HoneyDew" is a play on words, referring to the sweet fruit as well as the term "Honey Do List," which refers to a list of household chores given to a spouse. In the context of the podcast, the name refers to the things in life that people may not want to do, but have to get done anyway. Each episode of the show features a new guest, who shares stories about some of the most difficult and challenging moments in their lives. These can range from personal struggles like addiction and mental health issues to funny and embarrassing moments from their past. Despite the heavy subject matter, "HoneyDew" is a lighthearted and entertaining podcast, with plenty of humor and wit. Ryan's skills as a comedian are on full display, as he expertly guides his guests through their stories, adding his own comedic commentary and witty observations along the way. Overall, "HoneyDew" is a unique and engaging podcast offering a fresh perspective on the struggles and challenges of life. With its mix of humor and heart, it's a great listen for anyone who enjoys a good story and a good laugh.

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