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This Past Weekend is a popular podcast hosted by American comedian and actor Theo Von. The podcast is a mix of humorous observations, personal stories, and interviews with various guests.

Theo Von is a well-known comedian who has been performing stand-up for over a decade. On This Past Weekend, he shares his unique perspective on a wide range of topics, from pop culture and current events to personal stories and experiences.

One of the unique aspects of This Past Weekend is the way that Theo incorporates his Southern roots into the podcast. He often shares stories about growing up in Louisiana and the unique experiences that come with living in the South. This adds a distinctive flavor to the podcast and gives listeners a glimpse into a different way of life.

The podcast also features interviews with a variety of guests, including fellow comedians, actors, musicians, and other personalities. These guests add their own unique perspectives and humor to the conversation, resulting in engaging and entertaining discussions.

Overall, This Past Weekend is a great choice for fans of comedy who enjoy irreverent humor and honest conversations. With Theo's infectious personality and quick wit, listeners are guaranteed to be entertained and amused with each episode.

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