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About the Where My Moms At? Podcast

Where My Mom's At is a unique and engaging podcast hosted by comedian Christina P. The podcast is a mix of personal stories, insightful commentary, and candid conversations with a variety of guests.

As a mother and comedian, Christina P brings a unique perspective to the podcast. She shares her own experiences with motherhood and family life, often offering hilarious and honest insights into the challenges and rewards of parenting. Her humor is edgy and irreverent, but also relatable and down-to-earth.

The podcast also features a variety of guests, including fellow comedians, authors, and experts in various fields. Christina engages these guests in lively and insightful conversations about a range of topics, from parenting and relationships to mental health and personal growth. These conversations are always thought-provoking and entertaining, with plenty of laughs and unexpected moments.

One of the unique aspects of Where My Mom's At is the way that Christina engages with her audience. She regularly answers listener questions and offers advice on a range of topics, creating a sense of community and connection with her fans. This interactive element of the podcast adds an extra dimension to the show and makes it feel more personal and relatable.

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