Little Mountain Gallery

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Little Mountain Gallery

About Little Mountain Gallery

As a not-for-profit comedy venue, Little Mountain Gallery has been integral in fostering the local comedy community in the Greater Vancouver Area. Nestled in the beautiful Gastown district of Vancouver, the venue adds a wonderful character and ambience that brings visitors a unique live entertainment experience. It’s a wonderful place to see notable comics as well as the brightest up-and-coming stars of tomorrow. 

Each show is run and managed by individual comedians or comic groups, so show times and prices can vary from show to show. The main goal for Little Mountain Gallery is a safe and inclusive space where comedy can grow and develop. Cultural space is so important, and Little Mountain Gallery’s way of operating is unique in that programming and managing is done by volunteers who simply love comedy and want to see the local comedy scene develop.

Notable Alumni:

  • Ivan Decker

  • Graham Clark

  • Ryan Williams

  • Andrea Jin

  • Sean Devlin

195 East 26th Avenue, Vancouver, BC