Sunset Strip

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Sunset Strip

About Sunset Strip

Nestled in the heart of Austin, Texas, the Sunset Strip Comedy Club is a must-visit destination for comedy enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable night of laughter. Co-owned by renowned stand-up comedian Brian Redban, the club offers a unique experience for those who crave live comedy and non-stop entertainment. Located in the vibrant Sixth Street Entertainment District, the Sunset Strip is easily accessible and surrounded by a plethora of bars, restaurants, and live music venues, making it an ideal spot to start or end a night out on the town.

The Sunset Strip is not only known for its impressive line-up of comedians, but also for its top-notch amenities. With a spacious, modern interior, the club provides a comfortable atmosphere for comedy fans to relax and enjoy the show. Additionally, the club offers a full-service bar allowing guests to indulge in tasty drinks while taking in the stand-up comedy performances.

When visiting the Sunset Strip, comedy fans can expect to be treated to a diverse array of comedic talent. From local up-and-comers to nationally recognized comedians, there's always something fresh and exciting happening on stage. The club regularly hosts special events, including open mic nights, themed comedy showcases, and even exclusive performances by co-owner Brian Redban himself. Comedy tickets can be easily purchased online, so fans never have to miss out on a single laugh.

Sunset Strip Comedy Club in Austin, Texas, offers an exceptional experience for those seeking live stand-up comedy. From its prime location to its fantastic amenities and ever-changing roster of comedians, the Sunset Strip guarantees a memorable night of laughter and fun for comedy fans of all ages.

214 E 6th Street, Austin, TX