The Clubhouse

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The Clubhouse

About The Clubhouse

A Home for Improv and Sketch Comedy in Los Angeles

The Clubhouse, a comedy club located in the heart of Los Angeles, has become synonymous with the city's thriving improv and sketch comedy scene. Offering a warm, welcoming environment for both performers and audience members, The Clubhouse has established itself as a platform for emerging talent and a hub for comedy enthusiasts.

Founded in 2013 by Tom Christensen and Rebecca Sohn, The Clubhouse was created to address the need for a low-cost, accessible venue for comedy performers in Los Angeles. Recognizing the limited options available to local comedians, Christensen and Sohn set out to establish a space that would not only provide a stage for performers but also foster a sense of camaraderie and support within the comedy community.

The Clubhouse's main objective is to provide a platform for comedians of all experience levels to develop their skills and showcase their talents. The club has become a critical part of the Los Angeles comedy scene, with many up-and-coming performers cutting their teeth on its stage before moving on to larger venues and more prominent opportunities.The Clubhouse's inclusive approach to comedy and its commitment to nurturing talent has led to the formation of numerous improv teams and sketch groups. These groups often go on to perform at other venues and comedy festivals, further contributing to the growth and evolution of the Los Angeles comedy landscape.

At The Clubhouse, visitors can expect a lively and entertaining night of comedy, with a diverse lineup of improv and sketch acts. Shows typically include a mix of short-form and long-form improv, as well as character-driven sketches and performances. Audience participation is often encouraged, creating an interactive and engaging experience for all in attendance.

In addition to its main stage, The Clubhouse also hosts workshops, classes, and open mics, providing opportunities for aspiring comedians to learn, practice, and network with their peers.

The Clubhouse has played a pivotal role in shaping the Los Angeles comedy scene, offering a supportive and inclusive environment for performers to grow and thrive. With its dedication to fostering talent and providing a space for creative expression, The Clubhouse will undoubtedly continue to be an essential fixture in the city's comedy landscape for years to come.

1607 N Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA