The Comedy Chateau

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The Comedy Chateau

About The Comedy Chateau

The Comedy Chateau is an popular, upscale stand-up comedy club located on the border of North Hollywood and Toluca Lake. It offers a complete entertainment experience, with a variety of options to suit any mood and has become a favorite destination for comedy fans alike.

The club's interior is designed with a classic comedy club vibe, featuring a stage at the center and seating arranged in a semi-circle around it. The space is small and intimate, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for live comedy. The Comedy Chateau has become known for its impressive lineup of talented comedians who take the stage to deliver their unique brand of humor. Many of the performers who have graced the stage at this club have gone on to become household names in the comedy world.

Guests can begin their night with a handcrafted cocktail from the French vintage bar or enjoy the serene patio. A delicious dinner menu is available to enjoy while taking in a comedy show on one of the club's three stages.

The St. Felix Room provides an intimate and rustic atmosphere, while the Yorick Room exudes a grand and luxurious setting. For a more casual vibe, the Scène á Eden offers outdoor comedy shows.

The Comedy Chateau prides itself on providing a comprehensive and memorable night out that is sure to leave guests in stitches.

In addition to nightly comedy shows, The Comedy Chateau also offers a range of classes and workshops for aspiring comedians who want to hone their skills. These classes are taught by experienced comedians and cover everything from joke writing to stage presence and performance technique.

The club's location in North Hollywood makes it easily accessible to visitors from throughout the Los Angeles area, and its reputation as a top comedy venue ensures that it is always busy and lively.

4615 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA