The ComedyVille

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The ComedyVille

About The ComedyVille

Located in the predominantly french-speaking city of Montreal, ComedyVille is an English stand-up comedy club. For many tourists and locals, this brings a breath of fresh air, as we all know being in a place where a language different from your own can be pretty overwhelming and ComedyVille welcomes you with open arms. It's not a snub to the French language by any means, but more of an extension of inclusivity and satisfying the need of a bilingual city. With no shortage of fantastic French-speaking establishments around town, ComedyVille aims to strike a balance with a focus on theme-based, English-speaking comedy shows.

Founded in 2009, Comedyville has been entertaining fans with a hilarious blend of professional and amateur comedy productions for well over a decade. Known for fostering new, up-and-coming talent as well as landing major touring headlining acts, fans of Comedyville have a lot to be happy about. With a long list of legendary names gracing its stage over the years, Comedyville also shines a light on the amateur side of the stage

Comedyville is a one-stop-shop for your perfect night out as it begins with a mouth-watering meal. Fresh food is served right to your table by the in-house chefs at the Deli Planet Resto-Bar and is the perfect way to kick off your night out with friends, family, colleagues or a date. Then, kick back with a few drinks and settle in as the comedians take the stage. Partnering with Deli Planet Resto-Bar was a stroke of genius as comedy fans are exposed to dishes and cocktails belonging to an elite tier not normally associated with comedy clubs creating a truly unique customer experience. 

Situated in the heart of downtown and located within Montreal's historic Gare Centrale (Montreal Central Station), the comedy club is easily accessible through Montreal's Underground City. With ample public parking nearby as well as various public transportation options converging at the front steps, there's every reason to come out for a night of food, drinks and laughs. 

Shows normally run from Thursday to Saturday with both early and late shows on Fridays and Saturdays. Unlike other comedy clubs, every night at Comedyville is different as the ever-changing lineup provides endless laughs that can have comedy fans coming back night after night without getting bored.

895 Rue De La Gauchetière West, Montreal, QC