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Who is Luis J. Gomez?

Luis J. Gomez is a multifaceted American personality known for his roles as a comedian, writer, podcaster, and producer. Notable for co-hosting the Legion of Skanks podcast, he's made significant contributions to comedy and podcasting, co-founding the GaS Digital Podcast Network and the comedy festival Skankfest NYC​​​​​​.

How did Luis J. Gomez start in comedy?

Gomez's entry into comedy was quite serendipitous. Growing up under challenging circumstances in New Jersey, he began his journey in the comedy world by selling stand-up comedy tickets in Times Square in his early twenties. His hard work, coupled with a natural flair for humor, gradually established him as a distinguished comedian, known for his dark, offensive style and unapologetic humor​​.

Where did Luis J. Gomez grow up?

Luis J. Gomez grew up in a rough neighborhood in New Jersey. He faced a traumatic childhood, with his father being murdered when he was young and his mother struggling with addiction. These early experiences, while challenging, played a significant role in shaping his comedic style and perspective​​.

Is Luis J. Gomez currently on tour or where does he perform?

He's known for touring across the country, engaging audiences with his stand-up acts. His recent tour, the "Offend Everyone Tour," is in line with his brand of humor. He also regularly performs at The Stand in New York City, where he records live shows for the Legion of Skanks podcast​​​​.

Does Luis J. Gomez host any podcasts?

Luis J. Gomez is a prolific podcaster. He co-hosts the Legion of Skanks with Big Jay Oakerson and Dave Smith, known for its edgy and unfiltered humor. He also hosts the Real Ass Podcast with Zac Amico and co-hosts Believe You Me, an adaptation of his Sirius XM show. Additionally, he has been involved in various other podcasts, contributing significantly to the podcasting world​​​​.

Did Luis J. Gomez release any recent Comedy Specials?

Gomez released a special titled "Luis J. Gomez Presents Luis J. Gomez" in 2020 as well as "30 Minutes With Luis J. Gomez. These specials showcase his unique comedic style, filled with dark and crude subjects, politically incorrect topics, and hilarious misdirections. They've been acclaimed as some of the funniest specials in recent years and reflect his journey and growth as a comedian​​.

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