Big Jay Oakerson


Who is Big Jay Oakerson?

Jason Michael "Big Jay" Oakerson, renowned for his distinctive laid-back style and dirty delivery, is a prominent figure in the comedy world. Born on December 7, 1977, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Oakerson has made a name for himself over two decades with his compelling and raw comedy. He is not only a stand-up comedian but also a radio show host, podcaster, and actor.

How did Big Jay Oakerson start in comedy?

Big Jay Oakerson began his comedy career in Philadelphia, gradually rising to mainstream fame in New York City. His journey in comedy spans over two decades, during which he has become a "comic’s comic," admired for his unique approach to stand-up.

Where did Big Jay Oakerson grow up?

Oakerson grew up in West Philadelphia, where he attended Robert E. Lamberton High School. His early life in Philadelphia played a crucial role in shaping his comedic voice and style.

Is Big Jay Oakerson currently on tour or where does he perform?

Big Jay Oakerson is known for his active touring schedule, participating in major comedy festivals like Moontower, Bonnaroo, Mayhem Fest, and SkankFest. As of recent, he has been performing at various venues, including the Laugh Out Loud San Antonio and other notable comedy clubs​​​​.

Does Big Jay Oakerson host any podcasts?

Yes, Oakerson is a prolific podcaster. He co-hosts "The Bonfire" with Dan Soder on SiriusXM's Faction Talk channel. Additionally, he is part of "Legion of Skanks" with fellow comedians Luis J. Gomez and Dave Smith.

"The SDR (Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll) Show" with Ralph Sutton on The Gas Digital Network. These podcasts showcase his unique humor and connect him with a wide audience of comedy fans​​.

Did Big Jay Oakerson release any recent Comedy Specials?

Oakerson has an impressive record of comedy specials. His debut hour special, "Big Jay Oakerson: Live At Webster Hall," premiered on Comedy Central in 2016. He was also featured in "The Degenerates" on Netflix in 2018. His latest special, "Dog Belly," released on YouTube in 2022, is a candid exploration of his life, discussing topics from his sexual insecurities to experiences of being misunderstood​​.

Big Jay Oakerson's journey in the world of comedy is marked by his unique style, relentless touring, and engaging podcast hosting. His contributions to comedy, both on stage and through various media, have solidified his position as a significant figure in the comedy scene.

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