Dan Soder


Who is Dan Soder?

Dan Soder, born on June 24, 1983, in Hartford, Connecticut, is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and radio personality. He gained recognition for his appearances on MTV2's "Guy Code" and his role as Mafee on the Showtime series "Billions." Soder is also known for co-hosting "The Bonfire" with Big Jay Oakerson on Sirius XM from 2015 to 2023​​.

How did Dan Soder start in comedy?

Soder began his journey in comedy while attending the University of Arizona, where he studied journalism and political science. After graduating in 2005, he moved to New York City to pursue his career in comedy more earnestly​​.

Where did Dan Soder grow up?

Dan Soder was raised in Aurora, Colorado. He faced personal tragedies during his high school years, with the loss of his father following a long illness and the subsequent death of his sister in a car crash. These events shaped his early life and influenced his path towards comedy​​.

Is Dan Soder currently on tour or where does he perform?

Dan Soder regularly performs stand-up comedy across various venues. Information about his current tours or performances can typically be found on his official website or social media platforms. He has also appeared on numerous comedy specials and TV shows, showcasing his talent to a broader audience​​.

Does Dan Soder host any podcasts?

Soder co-hosted the radio show "The Bonfire" with fellow comedian Big Jay Oakerson on Sirius XM from 2015 until 2023. The show aired on the Comedy Central Radio channel and later on Faction Talk, gaining a significant following for its humor and insightful commentary​​.

Did Dan Soder release any recent Comedy Specials?

Yes, Dan Soder has released several comedy specials. His HBO special "Son of a Gary" debuted on December 7, 2019. He also has a half-hour special on Netflix's "The Standups" and his first hour-long stand-up special, "Not Special," premiered in 2016 on Comedy Central​​.

Dan Soder's life and career illustrate a journey of resilience and humor, showcasing his ability to connect with audiences through his unique comedic style and personal experiences.

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