Live Stand-Up Comedy Festival, "SkankFest" to Welcome Brendan Schaub

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SkankFest 2023: The Fighter and The Kid Face the Legion of Skanks?!

Date Posted:April 12, 2023

Author:Tanya Wisecracker

It's official! Bryan Callan and Brendan Schaub of "The Fighter and The Kid" podcast will be attending the SkankFest 2023 comedy festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. SkankFest is the premier comedy festival, featuring hundreds of talented comedians, but Brendan Schaub's attendance is making waves due to his history with the "Legion of Skanks".

A Collision Course for The Fighter and The Kid and Legion of Skanks

The Legion of Skanks, promoters of SkankFest, have made numerous jokes about Brendan Schaub in the past. They've targeted him for his Gringo Papi incident, the Bobby Lee drama as well as the Annie Lederman drama. While they've made it clear that their jokes are not personal, the tension between the two podcast crews and their respective fans is palpable.

In the past, the Legion of Skanks have explained that they poke fun at Schaub because it's like "the button you're not supposed to push." They claim they don't have any ill will toward him, but their jokes have contributed to the online backlash Schaub has faced. Some believe that if Schaub were to embrace the jokes and show self-deprecation, his popularity might increase, instead of constantly doubling down on his positions.

The Art of Self-Deprecation: Will Brendan Schaub Embrace the Jokes at SkankFest?

With The Fighter and The Kid set to appear at SkankFest, comedy fans are eager to see how Brendan Schaub will handle the jokes aimed at him. If he can play along, their appearance could be the highlight of the festival. However, if he's unwilling to be the butt of a few jokes, the show could turn into an awkward disaster.

The Legion of Skanks have said that they won't bring guests on their podcast just to be mean to them, but some fans may be disappointed if they don't confront Schaub about the drama. It will be interesting to see how the Skanks balance between pushing the envelope and maintaining a friendly atmosphere.

In the meantime, the Comedy Podcast March Madness Tournament is underway at WatchComedy.Live, with "We Might Be Drunk" and "Chrissy Chaos" competing in the final round. The winners will be announced on April 13th.

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