Ryan Sickler


Who is Ryan Sickler?

Ryan Sickler, born on March 8, 1973, in Baltimore, Maryland, is a well-known stand-up comedian, podcast host, producer, and captivating storyteller. Recognized for his storytelling podcast "The HoneyDew," Sickler has made a name for himself in the world of comedy with his unique blend of humor and personal experiences.

How did Ryan Sickler start in comedy?

Sickler's journey into comedy began at a young age, influenced by his father. At around 11 years old, he watched the movie "Bustin Loose" with his dad, which sparked his interest in comedy. He started his stand-up career in 1993 at an open mic in Baltimore. Despite initial struggles, including a brief hiatus and a move to Los Angeles in 1997, Sickler eventually found success in the comedy circuit.

Where did Ryan Sickler grow up?

Sickler grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, with a challenging childhood marked by family struggles and adversity. His mother preferred his siblings over him, leading to emotional and physical hardships. After his parents' divorce, he lived with his father and later with

his paternal grandmother in Baltimore County. He faced significant challenges during his youth, including the loss of his father and grandmother, which deeply influenced his life and comedy.

Is Ryan Sickler currently on tour or where does he perform?

Ryan Sickler is actively involved in stand-up comedy and tours. Recently, he was on the road with his "Live and Alive Tour." He performs at various venues across the country, bringing his unique brand of humor to audiences everywhere.

Does Ryan Sickler host any podcasts?

Ryan Sickler is a prominent podcast host. He created and hosts "The HoneyDew Podcast," a show inspired by his own challenging upbringing. The podcast emphasizes storytelling, with a focus on the lowlights of life and finding humor in adversity. Sickler also hosted "The CrabFeast" podcast with Jay Larson for over nine years and launched a new podcast titled "The Wayback" in January 2024.

Did Ryan Sickler release any recent comedy specials?

Ryan Sickler released a comedy special titled "Lefty's Son" on YouTube in April 2023. This special, alongside his 2018 album "Get a Hold of Yourself," which topped the Billboard and iTunes comedy charts, marks significant milestones in his career. "Lefty's Son" showcases Sickler's unique storytelling and comedic style, reflecting his personal experiences and growth as a comedian.

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