Stavros Halkias


Stavros Halkias is a stand-up comedian hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. He began his career in comedy in the early 2010s and quickly made a name for himself as a rising star in the industry.

Stavros Halkias is known for his relatable and observational comedy, often drawing from his Greek heritage and experiences growing up in the United States. His material is often self-deprecating, but also includes clever commentary on current events and pop culture.

In addition to performing stand-up comedy, Halkias is also a regular guest on comedy podcasts and has appeared on several television shows, including Comedy Central's "Adam Devine's House Party" and "This Is Not Happening."

Halkias has also performed at several major comedy festivals, including the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal and the New York Comedy Festival.

In recent years, Halkias has also made a name for himself in the digital space, with a popular YouTube channel featuring his stand-up comedy, as well as a growing following on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Recently, he started a podcast called Stavvy's World where we welcomes guests weekly.

Despite his success, Halkias remains down-to-earth and dedicated to his craft. He continues to tour the country, performing at clubs and theaters and connecting with fans through social media. With his unique perspective and clever wit, there's no doubt that Halkias will continue to be a major player in the comedy world for years to come.

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