Steph Tolev


Who is Steph Tolev?

Steph Tolev is a Canadian stand-up and sketch comedian renowned for her absurd and personal style of comedy. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Tolev has become a well-known figure in the comedy scene, both in her native Canada and across North America. She stands out with her distinctive comedic approach, often described as raunchy, brash, vulgar, and self-deprecating, yet also physical, silly, and painfully real.

How Did Steph Tolev Start in Comedy?

Tolev's journey in comedy began in Toronto, where she honed her skills in stand-up and sketch comedy. She initially gained recognition in the comedy duo Ladystache, alongside Allison Hogg. The duo was known for their fast-paced and physical comedy, making a significant impact at various comedy festivals, including the Montreal Sketchfest and the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal​​.

Where Did Steph Tolev Grow Up?

Steph Tolev grew up in Toronto, Canada. Her early years in the bustling city of Toronto shaped her comedic perspective and provided a rich backdrop for developing her unique brand of humor​​.

Is Steph Tolev Currently on Tour or Where Does She Perform?

As of late, Steph Tolev is active in the comedy circuit, performing at various venues. She regularly appears at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles and co-hosts the show HAGS at the Virgil in LA. Additionally, Tolev headlines clubs across the United States and has been well-received at comedy festivals worldwide​​​​.

Does Steph Tolev Host Any Podcasts?

Yes, Steph Tolev hosts a podcast titled "Steph Infection," where she interviews fellow comedians about their bodily ailments. The podcast has been well-received for its unique concept and Tolev's engaging interview style​​.

Did Steph Tolev Release Any Recent Comedy Specials?

Steph Tolev has not released any new comedy specials as of 2024, but her career has seen several notable achievements. Her album "I'm Not Well," released in 2019, received a Juno Award nomination for Comedy Album of the Year in 2020. Tolev has also been featured in various TV specials and shows, including Bill Burr's Netflix special "Bill Burr Presents: Friends Who Kill," and has made appearances on Comedy Central​​.

Steph Tolev's career has been marked by her unique comedic voice, bringing a mix of absurdity and authenticity to the stand-up scene. Whether performing in comedy clubs, hosting her podcast, or appearing on television, Tolev's distinct style continues to resonate with audiences across North America.

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