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Comedy Fans React

Date Posted:January 21, 2023

Comedian Andrew Santino has recently made his Netflix debut with the release of his new stand-up comedy special "Cheeseburger". The special has been the talk of the comedy world, with everyone from other comedians to professional athletes having something to say about it.

The special's title, "Cheeseburger", is confusing at first, but the meaning reveals itself about halfway through the show. However, regardless of the meaning, the name has received mixed reactions. Some people love it, while others hate it.

In an interview with the podcast "Pardon My Take", Santino mentions that the crowd at the taping of the special was less than awesome and that it is hard to perform in front of a crowd that is aware of being filmed. He also wishes that there was someone reporting on the comedy scene, similar to how the NBA has a reporter for the off-season drama.

Santino's special is not the only one to receive mixed reviews. With specials and tapings, it's a hit or miss. Audiences are changing with the times and it's evident. With tapings, the weird thing is the audience is cognizant of being filmed, they know they're being filmed, and it looks different than a regular show. The lights are brighter, their seating is different and it's all a part of that world that changes how an audience feels.

Despite the mixed reactions, Santino's special "Cheeseburger" is worth watching. It's a unique title and the meaning behind it will have you laughing throughout the show. If you're a fan of comedy, be sure to check out Andrew Santino's "Cheeseburger" on Netflix.

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