Bert Kreischer 'Tops Off World Tour' Amazes Home Town Tampa Crowd

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Legendary Stand-Up Comedy in Sold Out Amalie Arena, Tampa, Florida

Date Posted:February 23, 2023

A Special Stand-Up Homecoming

Stand-up comedian, Bert Kreischer, recently sold out the Amalie Arena in his hometown of Tampa, Florida, and this show in particular was a one-of-a-kind experience. The “Tops Off World Tour” is a unique comedy event that will most likely stand out from any other comedy experience you may have had before. You could tell how much this show meant to him because he cried when he walked out on stage and again when he walked off. The show had many references to Tampa, including street names, which the crowd loved.

Bert's father, who had shockingly never seen his son do stand-up before, was also in attendance, which added to the emotional factor of the show. The sheer amount of production that Bert puts into his arena gigs is another factor that makes them stand out. Instead of the typical overhead jumbotron, there were two huge vertical video screens on stage, and the light and sound setup was more reminiscent of a music festival. There was also a constant stream of fog pumped in behind him throughout the show, making it an incredible sight to see.

The show was electric from start to finish, and it was a cherry on top of an already perfect night. Greg Fitzsimmons, Mark Smalls, and David Williamson opened the show, and Bert was electric on stage. At one point, the crowd was even singing the National Anthem during the show. Bert told a joke about Tom Segura and Christina P., and the whole place lost their minds. The material from this show will be released on Netflix as a special on March 14th.

The Best Night in Bert's Comedy Career

The coolest moment of the night happened during Bert's famous machine story. Bert expressed his gratitude to Tampa and the state of Florida for the impact that they've had on his career. He then shared a funny story about being on the phone with Sony and asking them if he could show the trailer of his new movie, “The Machine,” to all his fans in Tampa. Sony told him no because they had millions of dollars invested in the trailer's official release. Bert then asked if he could show it to his parents, and Sony agreed. Bert then turned to the entire arena and asked them to close their eyes, except for his parents. He gave his hometown fans a sneak peek, which was obviously very funny, and it was great how he set it up.

Bert Kreischer's shows have always been highly recommended. He's a seasoned performer and a true entertainer. The “Tops Off World Tour” is not just a comedy show, but an experience. The jokes are hilarious, but that is not necessarily the most important part of the night. The tour is headed to a city near you, and it's definitely worth checking it out if you get the chance. The show was a great success, and it lived up to all the hype, making it an unforgettable experience for all those who attended.

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