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"The Golden Hour" is a wildly entertaining comedy podcast hosted by three hilarious stand-up comedians: Chris D'Elia, Erik Griffin, and Brendan Schaub. The show is known for its unpredictable and off-the-cuff conversations, where the hosts riff on everything from pop culture to politics to their own personal lives. Each episode features the hosts sharing stories and jokes, often at each other's expense, while delivering their unique perspectives on the world around them. With their quick wit and uncensored commentary, Chris, Erik, and Brendan never fail to keep the laughs coming. The podcast also features a variety of hilarious segments, such as "What's Goin' On?" where the hosts break down the latest news and current events, and "First Impressions," where they give their humorous takes on celebrity impressions. With their infectious laughter and boundless energy, "The Golden Hour" is a must-listen for anyone who loves to laugh and is looking for an escape from the stresses of everyday life.

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