Is Bobby Lee Getting Cancelled?

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Bobby Lee and the Curious Case of Made-Up Jokes

Date Posted:April 9, 2023

Author:Rosalind Giggleston

In the world of stand-up comedy, there's a fine line between truth and fiction. But recently, stand-up comics and comedians alike have been facing the wrath of the cancel culture crowd, who seem to forget that sometimes, jokes are just that – jokes. The latest comedian to find himself in hot water is Bobby Lee, whose made-up joke has left the comedy community questioning why cancel culture is so relentless?

Cancel Culture Keeps Coming For Stand-Up Comedy

Bobby Lee has recently become the target of numerous TikToks calling for his cancellation, stemming from a graphic story he shared on multiple shows, including Opie and Anthony, This Past Weekend, and even his own show, TigerBelly. The story revolves around a young Bobby Lee looking for a hooker in Tijuana, with chaos and comedy ensuing. The kicker? It turns out the story was entirely fabricated as part of Lee's act.

Surprisingly, it seems that not everyone understands the concept of comedians making up stories for the sake of laughs. A true comedy fan should easily grasp why a stand-up comic might create an insanely vulgar, disgusting, or crazy story to elicit laughter from the audience. However, the majority of the outrage appears to be coming from the cancel culture crowd, who are quick to attack comedians and their material without understanding the nuances of stand-up comedy.

Adding fuel to the fire, Bobby Lee recently admitted that another controversial joke from his act – about being molested by a guy with Down Syndrome – was also entirely made up. Shocking. While some comedy fans might be disappointed to learn that this story wasn't true, others understand that sometimes, the best stories are the ones that never happened. Stand-up comedy is an art form, no different than music or movies. Sometimes, part of that art is the creation of something great....but still a creation.

The Bobby Lee controversy has led to a deeper examination of the comedy world, revealing that a surprising number of comedians might be exaggerating or fabricating their material. Even Tom Segura's famous Pac-Man Jones story from his 2018 Netflix special 'Disgraceful' has been debunked, with Pac-Man Jones himself claiming the story never happened during an appearance on the Pat McAfee show.

As fans of stand-up comedy, we have to ask ourselves: does it really matter if a comedian's stories are true or not? After all, the goal of stand-up comics is to entertain and make us laugh. Movies and TV shows make us laugh, and they're almost entirely made up. In the case of Bobby Lee, Tom Segura, Theo Von, and countless other successful comedians who produce thousands of hours of content, it's almost impossible to stay consistently entertaining without occasionally stretching the truth.

Rather than joining the cancel culture crowd and tearing down comedians for their stories, especially the made-up ones, we should celebrate the creativity and talent it takes to craft a compelling, hilarious narrative that keeps us laughing. At the end of the day, the truthfulness of a joke doesn't determine its comedic value. So let's appreciate stand-up comedy for what it is – a unique form of entertainment that brings laughter and joy to our lives – cancel culture need not apply.

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