Joe Rogan's Comedy Club "Comedy Mothership" is Finally Opening

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Tickets for Comedy Mothership

Date Posted:March 7, 2023

Joe Rogan's new comedy club, The Comedy Mothership, is finally open to the public after almost two and a half years of preparation. The club's first round of shows sold out within seconds, which is not surprising given the impressive lineups scheduled to perform. The Comedy Mothership has two different stage rooms, named "Fat Man" and "Little Boy," plus a bar named after Comedy Store icon Mitzi Shore.

Tickets to Comedy Mothership Going Fast

The Fat Man room holds around 240 seats, and Little Boy fits about 100. They are comparable in size to the rooms at the Comedy Store, which is exciting, but also means getting a ticket might be challenging for a while. Nonetheless, the club promises to offer the ultimate Comedy Club experience.

Joe Rogan hired the best people who worked at The Comedy Store, including Curtis Nelson, Adam Eget, and Eric, to run the bar. They have been working for free for the last year and a half to help prepare for the opening. Joe spared no expense when it came to building the ultimate comedy club for comedians.

He even consulted with Louis CK to get some pointers. Located in the heart of Austin's comedy scene on 6th Street in the former Ritz Theater, The Comedy Mothership is a stand-up comedy nightclub destination that Joe Rogan dreamed of providing.

The club will undoubtedly draw comics from all around the world, and it is becoming a popular venue for some of the best comedians, including Tim Dillon, Ron White, Tom Segura, Christina Przitzki, Tony Hinchcliffe, David Lucas, William Montgomery, Hans Kim, and Joe Rogan himself.

Theo Von is Moving to Austin

Theo Von, a popular comedian, is also on his way to Austin, and the number one Live Comedy podcast in the world, Kill Tony, will be adding a second weekly show every Thursday at The Comedy Mothership.

If you're a fan of stand-up comedy, Austin is the place to be. With the opening of The Comedy Mothership and the arrival of talented comedians like Theo Von, the scene is thriving. Plus, it's exciting to see Kill Tony expanding to twice a week, giving young comedians more opportunities to showcase their talents.

Last week, Chris Rock's Elective Outrage stand-up special live-streamed on Netflix, and it was a hit. Fans loved the live aspect of the show, which made it feel like a sporting event, and every joke was hitting hard.

That's it for this week's comedy news update. Let us know in the comments what you think of The Comedy Mothership and Kill Tony's new weekly show. We'll be back next Monday with more comedy news.

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