15 Minutes of Bobby Lee Roasting Fellow Stand-Up Comedians

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The Best Comedy Podcast Clips of Bobby Lee Tearing Into His Friends

Date Posted:February 18, 2023

Bobby Lee Wakes Up and Chooses Violence

Coming hot out of the gates, stand-up comedian Bobby Lee, unleashes his comedic talent on his fellow comics in this montage of appearances on various comedy podcasts. In this video, we see clips of Bobby make his rounds on various podcasts while he jokingly makes fun of his friends and fellow stand-up comedians.

Comedy: All In Good Fun

Bobby appears to go hard in the paint with a few of the clips showcasing his comedic wit where he jokes about the physique of his counterparts. Whether he's the guest or he's welcoming others to his podcast, he takes no prisoners when trashing how they look. While this may seem harsh at first glance, he's clear to state that he loops himself into this category of jokes and is happy to make fun of himself first. No stranger to self-deprecating humor when on stage, these clips show why he's a staple in the stand-up comedy community. He also knows his audience in that those he's speaking with are also stand-up comics and they know that it's all in jest.

Rolling Credits: The Comedy Podcast Rotation

Some of the clips used in this video are from these comedy podcasts:

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