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Dave Chappelle Wins Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album

Date Posted:February 6, 2023

Sunday was the 65th annual Grammy Award Show and Dave Chappelle walked away with the award for Best Comedy Album of the Year, solidifying him as a comedic legend. This marks Chappelle's fourth consecutive win for this category, which is an incredibly remarkable feat. Even more interesting is the fact that he's never not one a Grammy when he releases a special. Interestingly, Chappelle was not in attendance to accept the award, but his absence did not detract from his win.

Dave Chappelle's Comedy Dominance

Dave Chappelle's winning streak in the Best Comedy Album of the Year category is a testament to his comedic talent. It's like an NFL player winning MVP every year they play - it's just absurd. In the world of comedy, there is no debate about who is the greatest of all time, as other comedians have dubbed Chappelle as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time).

The Closer and Controversy

Chappelle's latest Netflix special, "The Closer", was met with controversy from the mainstream media upon its release. Despite being deemed inappropriate and discussing issues such as transphobia, "The Closer" was nominated for an Emmy last year and won a Grammy this year. This is a huge win for comedy and Netflix, as the streaming platform stood by Chappelle and refused to remove the special after a group of woke employees threatened to quit. As the late Norm Macdonald once said, "in the war for comedy, those with the jokes will always win."

New Stand-Up Specials and Podcasts

Sean Hamrin released a 25-minute special on YouTube, and Roseanne Barr is making her return to comedy with a special titled "Roseanne Barr: Cancel This" that will be released on Fox Nation on February 13th. Nate Bargatze's latest stand-up special, "Hello World," was released last week on Prime Video in the US and UK and will be available worldwide starting February 17th. We've also covered Louis CK's special, "Return to the Garden", but it's so good it's worth mentioning again.

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