Best of January 2023: Highlights From Comedy Podcasts - Bad Friends, Your Mom's House, TigerBelly and many more

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We've compiled the funniest clips from the top comedy podcast episodes that aired in January

Date Posted:February 2, 2023

On the "Take Your Shoes Off" podcast, hosted by Rick Glassman, Rick welcomes guest and stand-up comedian, Bill Burr as they engage in a lively conversation that begins with confusion of use of an egg machine, leading to a humorous exchange where Rick is referred to as a "sitcom cat". The conversation then shifts to this hypothetical sitcom about Rick, called "Rick's Place"

Bert Kreischer made a guest appearance on Andrew Santino's podcast, "Whiskey Ginger" where they discuss 'Theo-isms" resulting in hilarious quips about their mutual friend, Theo Von and his unique quirkiness.

Andrew Santino made time to stop by the recording of "Your Mom's House" starring Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky where they talk about accents and explore the accents of their parents and their mutual friend, Bobby Lee's mom.

Stavros Halkias joins the comedy duo, Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee, on the "Bad Friends" podcast as they struggle to pronounce Stavros's name. The conversation unwinds as the difficulty of rolling the tongue for pronouncing foreign 'r' sounds turns into a hilarious comparison as Bobby looks to save face.

"Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast" talks of the adventures of Shane Gillis' night at the bar when he meets a drunk woman, resulting in a funny and sloppy interaction.

Dan Soder stops by for a visit with Chris Distefano on his podcast "Chrissy Chaos" where they talk about the book 'Chaos' which leads to them joking about acting like subject matter experts while only briefly glazing over a topic.

"Are You Garbage?" welcomes David Cross where hosts, Kevin Ryan and H. Foley, present David with a hypothetical scenario of catching a home run ball at an MLB ball game and talk about being baseball fans while discussing their favorite teams and harping on teams they don't like.

Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn are joined by Trevor Wallace for an episode of "TigerBelly" and they talk about shaking hands and the origins of formal greetings.

Andrew Santino's busy month continued as he also appeared on Andrew Schulz's podcast, "Flagrant". They touch on the subject of show business and whether they would take an acting part if the character they portrayed was gay.

Stand-up comedian, Tim Dillon, sits down with fellow comedians Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, and Dave Smith as they talk about various highlights of the past year on "Legion of Skanks".

A beef jerky salesman moonlighting as an aspiring stand-up comic is given the mic from this clip of "Kill Tony', podcast of Tony Hinchcliffe & Brian Redban. The panel has fun learning about the life of a beef jerky maker/comic.

NYC-based stand-up comedians, Mark Normand and Sam Morril talk about Mark's butchered audition on their podcast, "We Might Be Drunk". They talk about how hard acting in a real and emotional scene as a stand-up comedian actually is and funny stories of attempts gone wrong.

Comedians Joe DeRosa and Sal Vulcano are known for arguing on their podcast, "Taste Buds". In this particular episode, they get heated, but funny, on the topic of the convenience of texting vs. the importance of phone calls.

"Stavvy's World" welcomes Ali Macofsky to the podcast as she tells host, Stavros Halkias, about one of her old friends who had cancer and the silver-lining benefit of gaining new-found access to medicinal marijuana while in high school.

Comedy legend, Louis CK, is a guest on "Two Bears One Cave" as Bert Kreischer discusses schadenfreude and narcissism.

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