Stand-Up Comedians Appearing in 2023 Super Bowl Commercials

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Your Favorite Comedians Starring in Some of the Super Bowl's Funniest Moments

Date Posted:February 13, 2023

Familiar Faces in This Year's Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched events on television, with over 100 million viewers every year, and this year's game did not disappoint. The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, but the real winners of the night were the comedians who appeared in some of the funniest commercials of the night. Two of the most notable commercials were the roast of Mr. Peanut and the Cure Insurance ad, both of which featured well-known comedians.

Mr. Peanut Gets Roasted (....get it?)

The roast of Mr. Peanut was led by Jeff Ross, known as the "Roastmaster General," and directed by Neil Brennan. The commercial featured comedians Natasha Leggero, Atsuko Okatsuka, Frank Castillo, Amaneika Saunders, Sarah Tiana, and David Lucas. While only a few of the comedians had lines in the 30-second commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, an extended cut that is over 11 minutes long can be found on YouTube. David Lucas posted a full list of his uncensored jokes on Instagram, which fans enjoyed. One of the fan-favorite jokes was that Mr. Peanut is the only guy who gets a headache and his nuts hurt.

When Your Co-Workers Don't Keep Their "Opinions" to Themselves

John McKeever, known for his work on Gilly and Keeves, wrote and directed a 30-second commercial for Cure Insurance that featured comedians H. Foley and Tommy Pope. The commercial aired during the Super Bowl and was a big deal for all of the comedians involved, as the average cost for a 30-second Super Bowl commercial is 7 million dollars.

Challenge Accepted: Tom Segura and David Wolter (Erie Weatherman) to Play One on One

In other news, there has been an update in the Erie, Pennsylvania weatherman saga. David Wolter, the weatherman in question, has agreed to Tom Segura's challenge to play him one-on-one in basketball, miked-up and with the cameras rolling. Walters had initially challenged Segura to a game, and he has now accepted the challenge. Walters believes he will "destroy" Segura in the game, but the two will have to wait to see who comes out on top.

Overall, the Super Bowl is an event that many look forward to every year. It provides an opportunity for advertisers to showcase their creativity and for comedians to showcase their talents. This year was no exception, with the roast of Mr. Peanut and the Cure Insurance ad being two of the standout commercials. The upcoming basketball game between David Walters and Tom Segura is also generating buzz and will undoubtedly be another event to look forward to.

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