Stand-Up Comedians Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee Take Their Comedy Podcast on Tour

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The Bad Friends Theater Tour Hits the Road

Date Posted:May 2, 2023

Author:Tanya Wisecracker

The Bad Friends Theater Tour has been making waves in the world of comedy, delighting fans across Canada and the United States with their unique blend of stand-up comedy and live podcasting. Hosted by stand-up comedians Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee, the comedy podcast "Bad Friends" has successfully transitioned from a studio recording to an exciting live show. With only 25 stops remaining, let's take a deeper look at the magic behind the scenes and what attending a "Bad Friends" live show is truly like.

A Seamless Fusion: Stand-Up Comedy Meets Live Podcasting

In each theater-style venue, the Bad Friends podcast studio is faithfully recreated on stage, immersing the audience in the familiar atmosphere of the show. The evening starts with 25 minutes of stand-up comedy from Juicy Jet Ski Johnson, Bobby Lee, and Andrew Santino, with occasional appearances from other "Bad Friends" universe members like Carlos and Fancy B. This initial segment delivers a healthy dose of laughter before transitioning seamlessly into the live podcast segment.

During the live podcast portion of the show, the audience is treated to over an hour of engaging banter, fan interaction, and questions. The comedians expertly incorporate callbacks to classic Bad Friends moments and songs, ensuring that fans feel connected to the experience. This unique blend of stand-up comedy and podcast entertainment sets the Bad Friends Theater Tour apart from other live shows.

Praise from Fellow Comedians: A Peek into the Live Show Experience

Attendees have praised the Bad Friends live show for its well-structured format and lack of dead space. It's evident that the production team and the comedians have put in the effort to create an entertaining and enjoyable experience for their fans.

However, the tour has not been without challenges. Bobby Lee has been dealing with trolls on TikTok trying to cancel him, an unfortunate distraction during what should be a fun and exciting time. Despite the negativity, Bobby has remained focused on delivering an outstanding show to his fans.

The Ultimate Fan Experience: What Sets the Bad Friends Theater Tour Apart

One question that often arises when a podcast announces a live tour is whether the on-stage experience will live up to the quality of the studio-recorded episodes. In the case of the Bad Friends Theater Tour, the perfect mix of live stand-up comedy and podcast comedy has been achieved, resulting in an unforgettable live experience for fans.

While no official long-form footage from these shows has been uploaded, those interested in experiencing the Bad Friends Theater Tour can purchase tickets at With less than two months left on the tour, now is the perfect time to secure your spot and Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee hone their craft.

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