Best of May 2023: Highlights From Comedy Podcasts - Your Mom's House, Taste Buds, We Might Be Drunk and many more

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We've compiled the funniest clips from the top comedy podcast episodes that aired in May

Date Posted:June 3, 2023

Author:Grace Hilarity

Comedy podcasts offer a unique blend of entertainment, candid discussions, and humor-laced insights into the lives and minds of our favorite comedians. They have emerged as a popular choice for listeners who seek an enjoyable respite from their routine. In the following summaries, we delve into a collection of episodes from various comedy podcasts, highlighting the distinctive humor, the playful banter, the blend of topical and personal narratives, and the remarkable ability of these comedians to transform ordinary experiences into an engaging comedic discourse. From exploring the early life experiences of Joey Diaz on Flagrant to analyzing the comedic genius of David Attell on Tuesdays With Stories, each episode provides a snapshot of the comedic landscape, showcasing the versatility and relevance of stand-up comedy in our lives today.

Joe Rogan Experience: Hosted by Joe Rogan with guests Mark Normand and Shane Gillis

The comedic chemistry between Joe Rogan and his guests, stand-up comedians Mark Normand and Shane Gillis, forms the heart of this podcast. Engaging in an amusing debate, they discuss the supposed choice between releasing a marine and basketball player Brittany Griner. The stand-up comedians effortlessly incorporate a comedic twist into this relevant topic. While their conversation revolves around sports, the humorous remarks also touch upon societal issues. The casual yet lively exchange serves as a testament to their comedic timing and understanding, keeping listeners entertained throughout the podcast.

Bad Friends: Hosted by Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino

In this podcast episode, Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino engage in a hilarious debate about animal scents, with the central point of contention being the ability to smell a bear. They employ their stand-up comedy skills to create an environment where the absurdity of their conversation fuels the humor. Their comedy emerges not just from the topic at hand but also from the dynamic between the two hosts. Their playful banter and mutual challenges to each other's arguments provide an intriguing comedic podcast experience.

Your Mom's House: Hosted by Tom Segura and Christina P with guest Tim Dillon

This podcast episode features Tom Segura and Christina P along with their guest, Tim Dillon. The stand-up comedians delve into an entertaining narrative, humorously reflecting on their past experiences with smoking cigarettes. Their comedic story is interspersed with sharp commentary on the societal issues concerning transgender children. Their ability to blend personal storytelling with satirical reflections on contemporary issues makes their stand-up comedy distinctively compelling. Their unconventional takes on societal issues and unique humor keep listeners engaged.

Are You Garbage?: Hosted by Kevin Ryan and H. Foley with guest Joey Diaz

Kevin Ryan and H. Foley engage in an amusing dialogue with their guest, stand-up comedian Joey Diaz. The focus of their conversation lies in everyday situations, specifically discussing car cleanliness and driving habits. Diaz's commentary about different car brands and his mocking of Jersey drivers' cautious driving in the rain paints a humorous picture that stands out in live comedy. The podcast shines by making the mundane entertaining, using everyday scenarios as a platform for their comedy, providing listeners with relatable and amusing content.

Matt & Shane's Secret Podcast: Hosted by Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis

Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis creatively explore the comedic potential of religious norms and practices, specifically focusing on the tradition of Lent. Their humorous dialogue around personal habits and guilty pleasures serves as a bold testament to their stand-up comedy skills. Their candid conversation about abstaining from self-gratifying acts during Lent and ironic reflections on the aftermath generates a unique blend of humor. Their ability to create comedy from their past experiences and religious norms offers an entertaining perspective for their listeners.

Stavvys World: Hosted by Stavros Halkias with guest Mike Vecchione

In this podcast, Stavros Halkias and his guest, Mike Vecchione, engage in a comedic conversation that revolves around Greek culture, job transitions, and the societal structure. Their humorous reflections on their life experiences and the societal norms they encountered provide a unique flavor to their stand-up comedy. Their ability to find humor in the mundanity of life, like Greek supermarkets and changing job roles, and societal observations showcases the essence of live comedy. They maintain a fun and relaxed atmosphere throughout, keeping listeners hooked.

Kill Tony: Hosted by Tony Hinchcliffe

This podcast is a delightful instance of live comedy where host Tony Hinchcliffe humorously critiques the stand-up comedy performance of novice comedian, James. James's comedic recounts of his tough childhood and his budget vacation to Paris, France are met with Tony's witty and sharp observations. The episode is a fascinating glimpse into the dynamics of learning and performing stand-up comedy. It showcases the interactive nature of comedy, emphasizing not just the joke itself but the reaction it elicits.

The Yannis Pappas Hour: Hosted by Yannis Pappas with guests Kevin Ryan and H. Foley

This podcast episode features Yannis Pappas, Kevin Ryan, and H. Foley engaging in an entertaining discussion about the food industry. The conversation focuses on fast-food chains and healthy eating habits, providing ample room for the comedians to incorporate their humor. They poke fun at corporate strategies, comparing them to personal eating preferences, thus providing a unique comedic commentary on everyday life. The episode serves as an entertaining critique of food habits, laced with humor, making it a memorable listening experience.

Flagrant: Hosted by Andrew Schulz with guest Joey Diaz

Host Andrew Schulz invites seasoned stand-up comedian Joey Diaz onto the show for a dynamic conversation. Diaz recalls his early days, sharing a story about stealing from a deli, which amusingly reveals a daring side to his youth. The chemistry between Schulz and Diaz shines through in this episode, as Schulz's probing questions draw out Diaz's unfiltered, humorous tales. This episode is a thrilling ride through Diaz's early life experiences and a fascinating glimpse into his evolution as a comic.

Two Bears One Cave: Hosted by Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer with guest Jim Jefferies

Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer invite comedian Jim Jefferies for a lively discussion that uniquely intertwines comedy and a discussion of sexual orientation. Jefferies lightens the subject by joking about the perceived advantages of bisexuality and proclaiming his support for the bisexual community. The intriguing blend of candid conversation and comedy forms an inviting environment that captivates listeners and pushes boundaries in the realm of stand-up comedy.

Taste Buds: Hosted by Joe DeRosa and Sal Vulcano

In this episode, stand-up comedians Joe DeRosa and Sal Vulcano delve into a playful yet heated debate about the prevalence of root beer floats versus milkshakes. Their friendly banter spirals into an epic showdown of beverages, demonstrating their ability to turn an ordinary topic into an amusing battle of wits. The duo's ability to generate comedic discourse from everyday experiences creates a relatable atmosphere that's sure to engage listeners, showcasing the essence of live comedy.

We Might Be Drunk: Hosted by Sam Morril and Mark Normand with guest Mike Vecchione

Sam Morril and Mark Normand engage in an entertaining chat with Mike Vecchione, where he shares a funny anecdote about meeting an OnlyFans creator. The humorous take on a rather contemporary issue exemplifies the comedians' ability to blend current topics and humor effortlessly. This episode serves as a testament to their ability to entertain, providing listeners with insightful conversation and laughter.

Chrissy Chaos: Hosted by Chris DiStefano with guests H. Foley and Kevin Ryan

Chris DiStefano, with guests H. Foley and Kevin Ryan, explores a range of topics, offering humor with a hint of dark undertones. Foley's transparency about his struggles provides a raw edge to the discussion, whilst DiStefano and Ryan keep the atmosphere light with their quick-witted banter. This episode perfectly encapsulates the essence of comedy as a cathartic outlet and demonstrates how it helps navigate life's ups and downs.

Your Mom's House: Hosted by Tom Segura and Christina P. with guest Josh Potter

Tom Segura and Christina P. invite Josh Potter for a deep dive into body image issues, tackling the serious topic with humor and levity. Despite the underlying seriousness of the issue, the trio manages to keep the conversation engaging, making it a compelling listen. This episode is a commendable example of how comedy can provide fresh perspectives on sensitive subjects.

Tuesdays With Stories: Hosted by Joe List and Mark Normand

Stand-up comedians Joe List and Mark Normand fondly remember their favorite jokes from veteran comedian David Attell. They analyze Attell's comedic brilliance and dissect his jokes, paying homage to his comedic genius. This episode serves as a delightful testament to Attell's contributions to stand-up comedy and provides insights into his comedic style.

Whiskey Ginger: Hosted by Andrew Santino with guest Jay Pharoah

Andrew Santino chats with Jay Pharoah, who candidly discusses his early fictional and real-life crushes. Pharoah's story about his crush on Jasmine from Aladdin and Queen Latifah is a humorous mix of childhood nostalgia, pop culture references, and personal anecdotes. The episode is a delightful blend of comedy, offering a unique glimpse into Pharoah's personal life and comic style.

May 2023 Comedy Podcast Stats

In May 2023, the comedy podcasting landscape was highlighted by a few standout stats. Comedian Mike Vacchione was the most prolific guest, appearing on five different podcasts - namely, 'We Might Be Drunk', 'Stavy's World', 'Chrissy Chaos', 'The Versi Effect', and 'Taste Buds'. Additionally, the most popular episode of the month featured Uncle Joey Diaz on 'Flagrant', garnering considerable attention. Despite being released only nine days prior to the end of the month, this episode accumulated over 1.3 million views, marking it as the most viewed comedy podcast episode for May.

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