Kill Tony's First Show at Joe Rogan's New Comedy Club

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A New Era of "Kill Tony" Begins at the Comedy Mothership in Austin

Date Posted:March 13, 2023

Author:Tommy Laugherton

Joe Rogan, a game-changer in the world of comedy, has taken the comedy scene by storm with the opening of his new club, the Comedy Mothership, in Austin, Texas. The club just opened and has already hosted some of the biggest names in comedy, including Bert Kreischer, Tim Dillon, and Ron White, but the excitement has reached a fever pitch with the first-ever recording of the comedy podcast "Kill Tony" at the Comedy Mothership. We take a closer look at the anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding this historic event in the world of stand-up comedy.

Excitement Builds for the First "Kill Tony" at the Comedy Mothership

On March 13th, the Comedy Mothership hosted the first-ever recording of "Kill Tony," and the excitement was palpable. Local Austin comedian, Chandler Rhone, was on the scene, reporting live for Joke WRLD, and describing the atmosphere as "very great." People from all over the country and even as far as Canada had come to the club to sign up for the show or just be a part of the audience, and the energy was electric.

According to Rhone, the Comedy Mothership crew was vigilant in ensuring that no one was trying to scalp or sell tickets, making certain that everyone could enjoy the experience fairly. Rhone, who is also an Austin-based comedian, spoke about the positive impact that the opening of Joe Rogan's club and "Kill Tony" has had on the local comedy scene, providing aspiring comedians with a fantastic opportunity to showcase their talent.

Comedy Fan Interviews on the Street

Rhone interviewed a few fans on the street to gauge their excitement about the "Kill Tony" event. One fan humorously stated that they would "stab everyone in this line for two minutes" to get a spot, while another expressed their eagerness for the show to start and wished for chairs to be provided while waiting in line.

When asked about the possible impact of the Comedy Mothership on their own lives, some fans believed that the club's opening could bring new opportunities for local comedians and comedy enthusiasts.

"Kill Tony" Pop-Up Show and Future Plans

Although official confirmation isn't confirmed, it's safe to assume that the Comedy Mothership is at least considering hosting "Kill Tony" twice a week, further solidifying the club's importance in the comedy world. A special pop-up show was already planned for the Sunday following the first episode, providing even more opportunities for fans to enjoy the popular podcast and for comedians to compete for stage time..

Joe Rogan's Comedy Mothership in Austin, Texas, is quickly becoming a hub for top-notch comedy shows and a breeding ground for aspiring comedians. With the successful recording of the first "Kill Tony" at the venue, the club is set to make an even bigger impact on the comedy scene. As we eagerly anticipate what the future holds for both "Kill Tony" and the Comedy Mothership, one thing is certain: Joe Rogan's Comedy Mothership has ushered in a new era of stand-up comedy in the Austin aree that promises to entertain and inspire for years to come.

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