Stand-Up Comedian Bert Kreischer: A Journey from Live Comedy to Hollywood Stardom

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How Bert Kreischer's New Movie 'The Machine" Will Impact The Stand-Up Comedy World

Date Posted:May 23, 2023

Author:Barry Punster

The trajectory of stand-up comedy has taken a seismic leap in recent times with many comics crossing the boundary to the big screen. One such stand-up comedian, Bert Kreischer, affectionately known as "The Machine," is causing ripples in Hollywood circles. Kreischer’s unique blend of comedy and life experiences are all set to be immortalized in an upcoming Sony film that's eagerly awaited by his legion of fans.

High Risk-High Reward: A Risk Worth Taking

Taking stand-up comedians and featuring them in movies is not entirely a novel concept. From Jim Carrey's iconic performances in the '90s to Kevin Hart's comic ventures and even Andrew Schultz's cameo in the remake of 'White Men Can't Jump,' comedians have found success in the film industry. However, it's perhaps the first time a studio has put so much faith in a stand-up comic, investing a whopping $35 million to produce Kreischer's movie, "The Machine."

This is a substantial investment in live comedy, and it is especially significant considering Bert Kreischer was given total creative control. This arrangement offers a fascinating glimpse into the potential evolution of the stand-up comedy industry. It seems the tide is turning in favor of the comedian, with more comics than ever producing their own shows, movies, and specials.

The Butterfly Effect

If "The Machine" becomes a box office hit, it could trigger a ripple effect in the industry. The movie’s success could encourage studios to seek out comedians to write, direct, and star in big-budget films. This could usher in a new wave of authentic comedy movies, written by real comedians with massive fan bases that will flock to theaters, snagging comedy tickets to support their favorite stars.

Kreischer's comedy origin story is an intriguing one. The infamous tale about his seven years in college leading to an unforgettable trip to Russia was initially just a closing joke in his act. After the clip went viral online, it became the main propeller of Bert's entire career. This story being made into a box office movie could potentially start a butterfly effect in Hollywood, with more studios investing in comedians and their unique, funny tales.

However, this same butterfly effect could also cause Kreischer to retire from stand-up comedy altogether. He admitted that he would love to focus solely on creating "The Machine" sequels if it proves successful.

A Turning Point for Stand-Up Comedy

Should the movie flop, it could result in studios reconsidering their willingness to collaborate with stand-up comedians outside their Hollywood bubble. However, the resilience of comedians is well known, and they will continue to self-produce innovative content, be it movies, festivals, sketch shows, or specials.

Renowned for his storytelling style, Bert Kreischer seems relatively unaffected by the potential outcomes. His career has already been significantly impacted by the machine story, and its subsequent rise to stardom could easily continue to propel him forward, irrespective of the film's success.

While speculation about the movie's financial performance continues, it is clear that "The Machine" is an integral part of the stand-up comedy narrative. It’s a testament to the power of comics and their stories, and the profound effect they can have on audiences worldwide.

A Stand-Up Comedy Revolution

So, whether you're a fan of Kreischer or just a lover of stand-up comedy, it's worth keeping an eye on the upcoming movie. It may be more than just a laugh; it could be a turning point in the stand-up comedy world. This film signifies a bold new era where stand-up comics are no longer just jokers on stage; they're potentially the future of Hollywood.

Bert Kreischer's journey from live comedy shows to Hollywood studios is just the beginning of this revolution. It's time for us to brace ourselves for a flood of stand-up comedians making their mark on the big screen. So, grab your comedy tickets and prepare for a laughter-filled journey as stand-up comics take over the world of cinema, one joke at a time.

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