Best of February 2023: Highlights From Comedy Podcasts - This Past Weekend, Your Mom's House, Tiger Belly and many more

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We've compiled the funniest clips from the top comedy podcast episodes that aired in February

Date Posted:March 2, 2023

Author:Grace Hilarity

Join us as we round up the best moments from your favorite comedy podcasts. We've compiled clips from the biggest names in stand-up comedy that will surely have you laughing.

In this episode of "This Past Weekend," comedian Theo Von and his guest, rapper Logic, have a hilariously awkward conversation about their wiping habits. Theo coyly admits that he thinks his wiping habits are a little odd, and Logic jokes that he might be wiping towards his balls. They discuss using wet wipes and jokingly talk about a fantasy world where instead of identifying their gender, people should identify based on their wiping habits.

Balancing Work and Life in Stand-Up Comedy

On the "Chrissy Chaos" comedy podcast, host Chris Distefano and guest Ralph Barbosa discuss the work-life balance of a stand-up comedian. They talk about how pursuing comedy opportunities often requires sacrificing time with family and loved ones, but emphasize the importance of finding a balance. They share Dusty Slay's perspective that some comedians make comedy their life while others treat it as more of a job, and express a preference for the latter. They jokingly reference the high suicide rates in Japan as a result of.....doing too much comedy.

"Bad Friends" hosts Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino discuss their differences of opinion on the demeanor of 9-1-1 dispatchers during times of crisis. They reenact hypothetical calls where the dispatcher seems indifferent or unhelpful mixed with a serene calmness that is likely due to being trained to stay calm in order to help callers. They also joke about a more overly-excited and animated response from dispatchers but ultimately concede that the calm approach is probably the most effective way to handle emergencies.

Writing Stand-Up Material as a Comedian Never Stops

In this instalment of "Whiskey Ginger", host Andrew Santino and guest Dan Soder joke about the idea of robbing a bank, specifically targeting banks like Wells Fargo that have a history of mistreating customers. They riff on hypothetical scenarios, with Dan joking about having the perfect voice for a bank robber. They also joke about trying out new stand-up material mid-robbery.

This "Yannis Pappas Hour" episode sees host Yannis Pappas bring on guest Bobby Lee as they have a funny conversation about Bobby's penis size. Bobby shares that many white women have seen his penis and found it to be bigger than they had imagined, which surprises him. Yannis jokes that Bobby must be proud of his penis, given how often he takes it out.

Hosts Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis discuss their dislike of general meetings in the show business and comedy industry on this episode of the "Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast". They joke about ways to make the meetings more interesting, such as sending a representative to the meeting instead while they sit two tables over and then eavesdrop on the conversation.

Does the Life of a Stand-Up Comic Take a Toll on Your Looks?

On the "2 Bears 1 Cave" podcast, hosts Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer welcome adult film star Adriana Chechik as their guest. They joke about how Adriana looks great in person, unlike other Hollywood stars who don't look that great off-camera. Tom jokes that Bert is taking a jab at him, and Bert agrees that Tom looks tired. Adriana jokes that Bert is jealous of Tom because he's healthy and Bert's fat. She then tells a story about one of her fondest memories, which involves having sex with a fat man while he was eating pizza.

Episode 597 of "Kill Tony" sees comedian David Lucas roasting the members of the panel. He jokes about Eddie Peppitone looking like he does grandpa-style tricks for kids and that he looks like he collects paintings and pottery. Jim Florentine takes shots back at him, joking that he looks like he could audition for the TV show "My 600 Pound Life", if he lost a few pounds and that he should forget about stand-up comedy and do a sit-up.

Hosts Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky welcome professional skateboarder Tony Hawk to Your Mom's House". They ask him about his first hangover and Hawk recalls it being after one of the Mountain Trashmore events where he went to a house party when he was around 18. He didn't know what a hangover was and thought he had the flu.

In this particular episode of "Taste Buds," Sal Vulcano and Joe DeRosa discuss their gripes with beef jerky. They joke about how tough it can be to chew and that bad jerky has a chemical taste, and they make fun of the little amount of jerky you get in a bag for the high price, especially if you're dealing with airport jerky.

Comedy podcast "Flagrant", host Andrew Schulz brings on guest Johnny Mitchell and they talk about Mitchell's experience in jail. Mitchell talks about being in jail for eight months while fighting his case, and Schulz jokes that Mitchell, who is from Portland where it's not very sunny, was built for not seeing sunlight.

11 Year Old Marriage Councillor

"Are You Garbage" hosts H. Foley and Kevin Ryan talk to guest Mike Cannon about their experiences as kids using AIM, AOL Instant Messenger, to talk to strangers online. They reminisce about going into chat rooms for basketball or wrestling at first, but eventually into the divorce, and sex chatrooms. Mike laughs that he used to talk to who he assumed were divorced women about how to spice up their marriage when he was just 11 years old and had no business talking about adult stuff.

Jim Jefferies on His Vasectomy

Jim Jefferies joins host Bobby Lee on "Tiger Belly", as they talk about Jim's recent vasectomy. Jefferies tells them that he made a deal with his wife, that if she wasn't pregnant by the time he was 45, he would get a vasectomy. After getting the procedure done, Jefferies had to ejaculate 30 times to clear out any active semen and then test to make sure the vasectomy worked. He talks about how his father was against it because he believed most women like to see the semen. Jefferies also mentions that he had to send his doctor his 31st load to confirm the vasectomy worked and how another gentleman had accomplished that in only 19 days. Considering the first seven days he didn't touch it because of a stitch, that doesn't leave a lot of time to reach 30 in the remaining 12 days. Meaning you'd have to jerk off multiple times a day, which leads to the discussion of 'reload time'.

"Take Your Shoes Off" with host Rick Glassman and guests H. Foley and Kevin Ryan discuss their favorite meals. However, the conversation becomes derailed by Foley's increasingly slouching posture, which causes the group to break out into hysterics.

Bombing as a Comedian to a Tough Crowd

On this episode of "We Might Be Drunk", we see hosts Mark Normand and Sam Morril talk to Nate Bargatze about Mark's sober friend who always calls him out on his drinking habits. They also discuss the challenges of performing at Dangerfield's, a tough comedy club where the hosts would plan to do 25 minutes, but oftentimes end up doing more due to the forgetful hosts. Now, extra stage time is often a blessing...unless you're bombing and just want to get off the stage.

Host Bert Kreisher and guest Luis J. Gomez discuss a viral online video of a comedian named James Austin Black falling off the stage in the middle of a joke in this funny clip from "Bertcast.". The video shows the comedian saying that he has been having a lot of sexual escapades with freaky Chicago girls and he doesn't think pegging is necessarily gay. He then falls off the stage in the middle of the joke. Bert's infectious wheeze laugh makes the clip hilarious as they watch it multiple times.

February might have been a cold and short month, was a hot month for comedy podcasts. We saw Joe Derosa making the rounds with the most guest appearances coming in at five. He appeared on podcasts such as "Take Your Shoes Off" with Rick Glassman, "Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast", "Dr. Drew After Dark" and more. There was a three-way tie for the most viewed podcast episode of the month that came down to Dave Portnoy's appearance on “This Past Weekend”, Ralph Barbosa guest spot on “Flagrant” and Yeonmi Park, also on “Flagrant”, with all three videos currently sitting around 1.4 million views each.

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