Censorship vs. Stand-Up Comedy: YouTube Wages War

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Is YouTube Censoring Stand-Up Comedians?

Date Posted:April 4, 2023

Author:Barry Punster

Over the past few years, YouTube has become a game-changer in the stand-up comedy world. Many talented stand-up comedians, such as Shane Gillis, Andrew Schulz, Mark Normand, Ari Shaffir, and Joe List, have used the platform to independently share and promote their work. However, recent events have raised concerns about the future of stand-up comedy on YouTube.

Stand-Up Comics Feel Their Creativity Being Stifled

Popular stand-up comic Matt Rife had his latest special, "Matthew Stephen Rife," removed from YouTube after only 48 days, raising questions about YouTube's stance on comedy content. Rife's special was hit with age and music restrictions, making it inaccessible to most viewers and ultimately forcing him to delete it. This incident has left comedy fans and comedians wondering if YouTube is still the best platform for stand-up comedy.

Interestingly, comedian Chris Distefano shared his positive experience with Netflix, suggesting that the corporate route might offer more freedom than the independent one. With Rife's YouTube channel boasting over 400,000 subscribers and his previous special receiving over 4 million views, the loss of his latest special is a significant blow to the comedy community.

All Is Fair in Comedy Love and Love and War

In other comedy news, the Roast of Bert Kreischer took place on April 1st on Only Fans TV. Produced by Whitney Cummings, the roast featured a stellar lineup of comedians, including Tom Segura, Tony Hinchcliffe, Donnell Rawlings, Big Jay Oakerson, Jim Norton, Rachel Feinstein, Whitney Cummings, and host Trevor Wallace. Despite initial skepticism, the hour-long roast was free to watch and well-received by comedy fans.

As the comedy landscape evolves, it's essential to find platforms that support and promote stand-up comics and their content. While YouTube has been a valuable resource for many comedians, recent censorship incidents have raised concerns about its suitability for the future of stand-up comedy. It remains to be seen whether alternative platforms, such as Netflix or Only Fans TV, will offer more freedom and opportunities for comics to share their work without restrictions.

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