Tom Segura's "Sledgehammer": A Smash Hit in the Stand-Up Comedy World

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The Stand-Up Comedy Community React's to Tom Segura's New Netflix Special

Date Posted:July 11, 2023

Author:Phil Jokeman

The buzz around Tom Segura's new Netflix stand-up comedy special, "Sledgehammer", has been electrifying. Just one week after its 4th of July debut, the show has been a smashing success, trending number one in both the United States and Canada. Riding high on the wave of one of the biggest comedy tours ever undertaken, featuring live comedy in over 180 cities over two years, Segura seems to have perfected the art of tickling the funny bone. The anticipation for his fifth special was palpable among comedy fans, and by all accounts, he has more than delivered.

Segura's Art of Storytelling: From Celebrity Encounters to Familial Anecdotes

Tom Segura, a veteran stand-up comic known for his insightful and often irreverent comedy, tackles a range of topics in "Sledgehammer". From the exhilaration of meeting Brad Pitt to the hilarious antics of eating edibles with his mother, Segura mines comedy gold from life's most ordinary and extraordinary moments. He delves deep into his experiences of fatherhood, family, and marriage, painting vividly humorous pictures that resonate with viewers.

The response to "Sledgehammer" has been largely positive. Many fans have praised the show, with @reallyDaveMatthews saying it's his favorite Tom special yet, even as he nostalgically recalls Segura's previous specials, "Mostly Stories" and "Completely Normal". The ability to capture and hold the audience's attention is a testament to Segura's talent as a comedian.

Tom Segura's stand-up comedy has been praised for its ability to play with expectations and subvert norms. @thisishowwefeel9660 points out that Segura's comedic genius lies in his ability to portray a somewhat undesirable character on stage, using his linguistic prowess to evoke laughter from unlikely scenarios. But, despite the widespread appreciation for "Sledgehammer", some fans have expressed a preference for Segura's earlier work, such as "Ball Hog", an indication of the diverse tastes within the stand-up comedy fanbase.

Critiques and Concerns: A Dive into the Podcast Influence on Live Comedy

There have been a few criticisms as well. Some fans have voiced concerns about the overlap between Segura's podcasts and his live comedy. This phenomenon, not unique to Segura, is a growing concern in the comedy world. Big podcast names like Theo Von and Tim Dillon have faced similar critiques when transitioning from podcasts to stand-up specials.

Fans like @JTD472 have pointed out that the reliance on podcast call-outs and references in "Sledgehammer" detracted from the originality and humor of the show. Similarly, @simplesock lamented the seeming decline of comics who still write bits instead of relying on their podcast personas.

However, it's important to note that while podcast crossovers may be less appealing to some, they are endearing to others. Viewing "Sledgehammer" with people unfamiliar with the world of comedy podcasting revealed that references didn't significantly hinder the viewing experience. The debate on podcast references in stand-up comedy is complex, and likely to continue as the lines between the two forms blur.

Overwhelmingly Positive Feedback and Excitement for Upcoming Comedy Acts

Despite these minor criticisms, the positive response to "Sledgehammer" has been overwhelming. @l.allenday9454 shared that watching Segura perform live was a delightful experience, also praising his opener, Ryan Sickler, overall comedy gold. Another fan, @mrmanbearpig1993, lauded "Sledgehammer", equating it to the hilariousness of Shane Gillis's last special.

Speaking of Gillis, fans are eagerly awaiting his next stand-up comedy special, displaying the dynamic and passionate nature of comedy fans. If you enjoyed "Sledgehammer" and crave more, as as bonus, Segura has released a deleted scene from the special on his YouTube channel.

"Sledgehammer": A Stand-Out Stand-Up Special, Setting the Bar High for Comedy

"Sledgehammer" is a standout in Tom Segura's body of work, and has quickly become one of my favorite specials. As a comedian, Segura's unfiltered and insightful takes on life's oddities have set the bar high, making every new release an event. Despite initial nerves that "Sledgehammer" might not live up to expectations, I can confidently say it did not disappoint. With a 9/10 rating, "Sledgehammer" comes highly recommended for any fan of stand-up comedy, confirming once again that Tom Segura is a master of his craft.

Stand-up comedy, through its unique blend of social commentary and humor, remains a vibrant art form. Whether you are looking to purchase comedy tickets for a live comedy show, or prefer to watch from the comfort of your home, comedians like Tom Segura continue to push the boundaries of comedy, eliciting laughter and thought in equal measure.

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