Bill Burr's Movie, 'Old Dads,' Is Finally Releasing on Netflix

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From Stand-Up Comic to Directorial Debut

Date Posted:August 23, 2023

Author:Tommy Laugherton

Few figures in stand-up comedy embody the craft's raw essence quite like Bill Burr. From his early days in the world of live comedy, hustling to sell comedy tickets and doing open-mic nights, Bill carved out a niche for himself with his unapologetic honesty and razor-sharp wit. The trajectory of his career is nothing short of inspiring: from a budding comedian with dreams of making it big to a stand-up comic synonymous with comedic greatness.

'Old Dads': The Next Chapter

Commenting on the "adventures" of being an older dad in today's fast-evolving world, Bill's upcoming Netflix film, "Old Dads," offers a hilarious yet touching reflection of his life. It's no surprise to hear it described as "Bill Burr standup in movie form." Burr's candid chat with Conan O'Brien reveals just how personal the subject is for him. And in this age where the terms "jungle gym" and "structure" can cause generational clashes, the movie is set to resonate with many.

Burr's Acting and Directing Foray

Over the past years, Bill's acting repertoire has grown impressively. With iconic shows like 'Breaking Bad' and 'The Mandalorian' under his belt, and even creating an animated series like 'F is for Family', Burr isn't a stranger to the screen. But, with "Old Dads," he stepped into a role previously uncharted: directing. Having to assume this role out of sheer necessity, given the pandemic's challenges, Burr humorously highlights the unexpected intricacies of the job with his paper plate anecdote.

A Trend Among Comedians

Burr isn't alone in turning personal stories into movie magic. Comedians like Bert Kreischer with 'The Machine' and Sebastian Maniscalco's 'About My Father' have ventured on similar paths, sharing glimpses of their lives with the world through cinema. This transition from live comedy to movies has its benefits. Comedy in film format can reach a wider audience, but it also raises questions about the future of the comedian's stand-up career. However, Bill's dedication to stand-up comedy shines through, ensuring fans that his comedic roots remain intact.

The Age of Comedian-Directed Movies

Bill Burr's "Old Dads" is a testament to the potential comedians have in crafting genuine, heartfelt stories for the big screen. With Louis CK, Bert Kreischer, and now Bill stepping into this realm, it's evident that the comedy industry is undergoing a transformative shift. These projects bear the comedian's signature style, ensuring a unique cinematic experience for viewers.

Bill Burr's transition from a stand-up comic selling out live comedy tickets to directing a film that speaks true to his heart is emblematic of the evolution of the live comedy industry. While the lines between stand-up and movies might blur for some, Burr firmly identifies as a comedian first. As "Old Dads" prepares to premiere on October 20th on Netflix, fans and critics alike await with bated breath to witness this next chapter in Bill Burr's illustrious career.

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