The Untold Feud Between Comics Bobby Lee and Bert Kreischer

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New Info on the Beef Between Bert and Bobby

Date Posted:June 28, 2023

Author:Phil Jokeman

In the world of stand-up comedy, rivalries and disagreements are nothing new. From legendary feuds, such as the one between Lenny Bruce and Joe Ancis, to the more recent rifts between stand-up comics, it's an accepted part of the comedy culture. However, never before has a rift sprung from such an unexpected root - a disagreement over room temperature between comedy agents. This discord, it turns out, led to a stand-off between comedians Bobby Lee and Bert Kreischer, two well-known figures in the world of live comedy.

A bit of history on these two stand-up comics. Bobby Lee, has become a popular face in stand-up comedy. His unique and offbeat humor has made him a crowd-favorite and his shows are often sold out, making his comedy tickets a prized possession. On the other hand, Bert Kreischer, also known as "The Machine," is famous for his storytelling style of comedy and candid, open-book persona, which has earned him a solid fan base in the comedy circuit.

Recently, in a shocking revelation on the “TigerBelly” podcast, Lee and Kreischer discovered that a behind-the-scenes rivalry between their agents had been influencing their professional decisions and relationships for years. The perpetrators, Matt Blake and Nick Nuciforo, represent Bobby Lee and Bert Kreischer, respectively, among other high-profile comics. These agents' primary role is to schedule performances, book tour dates, and negotiate contracts for their clients, which makes their undue interference all the more startling.

Comedy Feud: Thermostat Dispute Sparks Unexpected Rift

As the bizarre story unraveled, it became clear that this feud began over a minor disagreement that took place 15 years ago between Blake and Nuciforo, when they were co-workers at an agency. What was the point of contention? The thermostat setting. This seemingly insignificant dispute snowballed into a 15-year argument that seeped into their professional lives, resulting in a detrimental impact on their clients' careers.

Due to this long-standing beef, Bobby Lee was prevented from joining Bert Kreischer on the Fully Loaded Cruise and Festival, and during several live comedy shows on the road. This, despite Kreischer's assertion that Lee was his first choice. Moreover, other comedians like Andrew Schultz and Tim Dillon, who are represented by Matt Blake, were also excluded from Bert Kreischer's events. It appeared that this feud was not just affecting Lee and Kreischer but was casting a wider net on the comedy scene.

The ripple effects of this feud were significant. Friends were led to believe that they were being ignored, and comedians lost out on significant career opportunities. Furthermore, this situation also compromised the relationship between fans and their favorite comedians, as the fans were deprived of comedy content due to the petty squabble between the two agents.

The fallout of this revelation is still unfolding. Comedians and fans alike are shocked and angered by the extent to which the agents have let their personal issues interfere with their clients' careers and personal lives. In response, both Lee and Kreischer are exploring ways to become more independent of their agents, realizing the power they possess as performers.

Behind the Laughter: Personal Grudges Impact Stand-Up Careers

This story reveals a harsh reality of the stand-up comedy industry. Despite the laughter and camaraderie we see on stage, there's a tangled web of personal and professional conflicts backstage that often goes unnoticed. The hope is that this incident will lead to greater transparency and accountability within the industry, and serve as a cautionary tale for agents and managers. Above all, it underscores the need for professionalism and the importance of keeping personal grudges separate from the interests of the artists they represent. After all, when comedy tickets are bought, it's the laughter that counts, not the thermostat setting.

One thing is for certain, the stand-up comedy scene will continue to evolve, adapt, and grow, thriving on the independent spirit of the stand-up comics and the relentless pursuit of laughter. As for the thermostat feud, let's hope it cools down soon, for the sake of live comedy.

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